December 26, 2015


Everyone of us will face a big challenge at some point of our lives. Those challenges will make our mind confused and stop thinking the right away. Those challenges will tear us down and make us stagnant.

If you find yourself caught in a situation where you cannot think the right way then don't think, just act. Look for something to squeeze, what I mean is just make a small positive action even if the action is just producing a little progress or no progress at all.

If you need money then just do something that will give you money. May it be selling old books, selling things that you don't need, doing some part time jobs, back riding on your friend's business etc. Do something that will put you in a position of earning money. It doesn't matter if the money involved is big or small, what matters is you are doing something to earn something. There is no excuse that will be accepted here, there are trillion ways to earn money and if you can't think one then maybe you are the dumbest person in the world.

If you are in the middle of your thesis and it seems like the progress is very slow or you feel like you can't do something right. Just look for something to do. May it be preparing the clothes that you will wear on the presentation, buying the folder that will be use for the paper works, typing the data that were ready etc. look for something related to your thesis and work on it. Squeeze something, there is a juice waiting for you.

Any step that you take that is related to the task that you are doing is helpful as long as it is a positive step. You may think that those steps were not helpful but they are helpful. A step that is related to your goal or task will give you momentum. In the end you will know that if you did not take those steps you will not finish what you have accomplished. 

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