December 27, 2015


Well of course everyone wants to be successful, everyone has a dream. Who in this world doesn't want to become big? Some people will tell you that they are satisfied but in reality they are looking for more. The problem is they want to become SUCCESSFUL SO FAST. They are not willing to take the process.

Growth, expansion, progress and success cannot be achieved by just jumping in to your destination. It is achieved by starting small and then adding up and adding up and adding up until you reach that certain level. It is like a diesel that is slow to heat at first then when it heats up the momentum continues to grow stronger and stronger.

It is ok to be slow at first, not making a huge progress at first because the moment you find your momentum then the journey will become easier, more enjoyable and smooth sailing.

Be the guy who is ok without getting any attention, praises and perks because those things will show in the end once you get better. Be the guy who is ok with gaining the tiniest progress everyday. Appreciate your own effort even if you are not seeing any results yet. Have fun stumbling around, have fun not knowing what to do.

Because once you get the momentum, once you heat up, once you pass the learning curve...It's showtime, nobody can stop you, YOU WILL LEAD AND YOU WILL SUCCEED.

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