September 20, 2015


Are you being called with a nickname that you really don't want? for example weak, chicken, soft or is your name being associated with adjectives that you didn't like? for example Coward Howard, Lazy Daisy, Bitch Mitch, Slave Dave, Slow Joe etc.

Some people are really mean and they will give you a moniker that you didn't like just to piss you off. Even if you are not doing something to them they will just call you some words that will really destroy your confidence. This is difficult because some people will follow the one who started it and they will do this to you everyday, they will have fun calling you an ugly name and they will not even use your real name anymore.

Don't worry if you succeed in life especially if you succeed big time they will lose power in calling you such names that you didn't like. They will see you as something special and they will get intimidated by the success that you achieve. They will even treat you nicer and with such respect because they know you are bigger than them.

They call you such names or ugly descriptions before but things will change. The moniker that they gave to you before will be erased and replace by a new, good smelling and strong moniker. Loser will turn to Winner, Lazy will turn to Nasty, Bitch will turn to Rich, Ugly will turn to Beauty, Lame will turn to Big Game etc.

First of all if you don't want to be called by ugly names you should stop it from the beginning, you should tell the person who is doing it to you that you don't like being called by such names, if he didn't stop just ignore him but most of all let him feel that you feel bad everytime he is doing it to you. Don't respond to him if he didn't call your name the right way. But if he didn't stop all you can do is become successful, it may be a long process but for sure it will work. You will gain respect not by being fearful but for being successful.

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