September 26, 2015


You feel motivated? really?, what motivational video did pumped you up? what motivational quote did change your life completely? Did you take an action immediately after attending a seminar of a well known motivator? Did you jump into your task right away after hearing an inspirational story?

I bet you did not. I am very sure that after you hear or watch some breath taking motivation you are still completely stuck. I know this because it also happened to me. How many of you are awakened by motivation? Did you really believe that if you watch a one hour motivational video you will have an amazing comeback?

The title of this article is MOTIVATION IS CHEATING YOU but it is just a metaphor. It may be cheating you or you maybe cheating yourself.

I will tell you the real power of motivation. Motivation for many of us thinks that its purpose is to make us start, some of us thinks that it gives us power to begin and succeed. Motivation is not created to get you started rather to keep you going. Motivation doesn't appear in the beginning of goals, it appears in the middle of your journey, while you are struggling.

Its main purpose is to give you strength if you want to give up, it reminds you how good you are, how bad do you want it and how possible is your dream to happen. Motivation gives you hope and it only appears during hard times, during adversity. It doesn't appear when you are feeling good, it doesn't appear when everything is fine.

So if you want to start something stop motivating yourself, just do it. Motivation will not appear if you are not doing anything. Motivation appears in the middle of an action.

You should only motivate yourself when you're in the middle of something, if you feel like you are losing power to go on. Stop watching motivational videos or reading motivational quotes if you haven't started something yet, it will only make you stuck and will make you addicted to a lot of motivational stuffs but will not make you move. Motivation is really powerful if use in the right timing and the right way.

Did you ever see someone who sets his goal and very pumped up in the beginning but will fade right away after experiencing a little difficulty? very funny isn't it. It is because he didn't use motivation in the right time. What he does is he builds hype for himself, he spread his plan to the world and then forgot to stay motivated.

When you feel so tired, when you want to give up that is the time to use motivation. Remember all the quotes that you learned when you were young, remember what your father or your mentor thought you. Go back to the past when you achieved something great and remember the feeling of overcoming the obstacles. Every person has did something great in his life even if he is not that successful so just go back to the time where you are really proud of achieving something, the time where you put a lot of effort and sacrifice just to achieve something.

It is just a matter of conditioning your mind and reviving the fire that is sleeping within.

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