August 22, 2015


If you want to cement your legacy, if you want to be remembered forever as a great person in your craft, the method is simple but hard. I mean really hard. Those who preaches softness in this world, those who even practiced it didn't get anything. They maybe rich but they are lacking something and they don't know what it is. Ok lets go back to the topic, cementing a legacy is almost like cementing, I mean really cementing. Think of yourself as a construction boy whose in charge of mixing the cement for building the house.

First decide what do you wanted to build. Is it a big house, a cute house, a mansion or just a simple house. It is like pursuing a dream. A dream can be big or small. It is up to you what do you want to choose. When you already decide what you wanted to build start right away, never change your mind or turn back when the going gets rough. Build the house day by day, brick by brick. Build it with passion and love.

There are elements involve when you are cementing your legacy, again it is also like mixing a cement, here are they:

This is an important element for cementing your legacy. This element hardens the cement. Without this the foundation is going to become weak and will easily crashed down. Rocks symbolizes adversity in your journey, Adversity is very important because it will bring toughness to your personality. It is a test if you can win or not and at the same time it also serves as a strengthener of your soul. Your will power is hardened through rocks. Everytime time you beat a rock may it be big or small, your character has reached another level.

Water is an element that hardens or softens the cement. With lots of water the cement is soft and will not build a very good building. With less water you cannot even mix the cement and you cannot even attached it to the posts or walls of the building. Water symbolizes balance and free flowing, you must flow like a water. Your life must be in prefect balance and in harmony with nature or your environment. Without balance your life will easily fall down, you may do well at beginning but in the middle of your journey you will have mental lapses.

This is what supports the cement, sand symbolizes the support you are getting from your friends, family etc. Sand should also be in perfect balance. With lots of sand the cement will also not be in good form and cannot make a strong house. It means if you are getting a lot of support from your friends or family, if you are getting a lot of help and they are pampering will also get weak, you will purely rely on their support, appreciation and expectations. You should be independent and can stand on your own.

Shovel is what mixes the cement, shovel symbolizes YOU. It is up to you how do you want to mix the cement. Do you want to mix it properly hard? or just mixing it for the sake of just doing it. Shovel is what controls the journey, it is the driver, it is the result seeker it is you. You can smash the shovel when you get frustrated, you can break it, you can do whatever with it. The only question is...are the actions that you do with the shovel gonna help you? Is doing violent actions gonna contribute for the building of the house you want? It is still up to you.

So that's it, this article is just a metaphor of how to cement your legacy, it is really like mixing a cement and building your own house, there is no difference. There are elements, there are problems. But at the end of the day you are still the one responsible for the results in your life.

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