April 21, 2015


Never act like you have all the time in the world to make your dreams come true. Don't feel like you will live forever so you can delay all the tasks needed to be done for the realization of your goals. No one in this world is immortal so if you wanted to do something do it now! Never wait for the right time to get started or the right feelings to be felt to get motivated.

We are only humans and not Gods so we only have limited time in this world. Sickness is all in the mind and never use it as an excuse to pause for a while. Stop using delaying tactics so you can feel better, it will make you feel even worse and weaker. Stop questioning your progress, never doubt your potential because no one can be as talented as you if you keep on honing your craft. The average life span of a single human being is only 70 years old and at the age of 50 above you should already rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. So if you are already 30 years old now you only have 20 years to make your dreams happen.

 Never think that it is a huge amount of time, it is not. You will be shocked that you are already 35, 40 and so on and has nothing on your pocket. Life is so short, we are not immortals to party every night and never grew old. Living life to the fullest is not merely by just partying, eating all the foods you want, climbing mountains, going to different places, doing cool things etc. Adventure is not just by having fun, it also means you are tying to achieve greatness or you are taking risk to know how big you can be and how strong you can be. If you wanted to become a singer, a basketball player, an Olympian or a millionaire you better start now, leave all your worries behind and do all the necessary steps whole heartedly.

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