April 15, 2015


When a client tells you to do something do it, forget about how you feel, forget about other tasks such as moaning the grass, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor etc. just do it, you will find some time for other activities later. If you need to eat but you don't have appetite just eat your food, be straight forward, you will enjoy your meal once you begin to appreciate it and take it slowly.

If you need to pay your bills just pay it, don't wait until you get disconnected from their services. If you need to visit your grandma or mama that you haven't seen for a long time just do it, forget about the time that you think will be wasted, it's not a waste of time to give some time for your love ones.

Be straight forward, if you need to cut down some weight just do it, walk, climb, run just move, forget about being tired, forget about whether you are losing some weight or not, just move, just do something.

Always be straight forward, if you need to do something important just do it, forget about your emotions whether you feel good or not, forget about the other tasks, just be at the moment, do one task at a time, be straight forward and your goals will be attracted straight forward to you too.

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