April 15, 2015


Most of us if will apologize immediately if we thought that we hurt somebody or made a mistake. I think this is not being humble instead it is being weak. If you are not sure that you hurt somebody or you made a mistake stop apologizing. It will show that your character is soft and you don't want to look mean or nasty.

Some people will take this as an advantage and will spoil your soft character. If you made an impression that you are too gentle and you always wanted to be liked then you are also telling everyone that you can easily be commanded and you are submissive. One thing that you must learn in life is that you should not be apologizing every now and then, apologize if you really hurt someone but if not then don't. It is ok to be good, it is ok to be gentle but being kind and scared are two different things. Be bold, be confident, portray a tough self image.

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