April 03, 2015


Never rely on the strength of others you know why? because the strength of that person that you rely on will become your strength. What if that person becomes weak? of course you will become weak too. What if that person is not around? where will you get your strength? where will you get your confidence? One more thing that person whose your source of strength will also control you, it is because he knows you cannot survive without him, he will force you to do what you don't want to do because you have no choice but to follow him. You will look weak, you will look powerless and you will become just a side kick. It is your own life be the starring.

Be the person who relies on his own strength, be the man who can do things, be the man who can survive alone. Trust your power, don't look for stronger people who will raise you up because no one is stronger than you other than yourself. You can succeed without being carried by others, you can do it on your own, trust your abilities, trust your own strength!

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