April 25, 2015


Sometimes if we are doing the same things over and over again it will come to a point where the fun is no longer evident anymore. Just like me I worked as an encoder for 4 years. The first 3 years was full of fun, it was very challenging, I was pumped up. Everyday was like a new day, I love the working environment, I love my co-workers and I felt like I am a real professional because I am working at the office with tables and computers in my surrounding. The nightmare begins on my 4th year, I am no longer feeling my job, the thrill is gone, I begin to hate going to office, I am very lazy at work, I often use my sick leaves even though it is not needed. The passion is gone, things got heavier for me. Days have passed and things got worse for me, my production is very low, I found myself always sleeping at my desk luckily I was not caught or maybe my supervisor was just kind.

The happiest day for me is the payday other than that all day is bad. As the days go by I am getting lazier and lazier. I am finding solutions but the solutions aren't finding me. Sometimes resignation is running inside of my head but I can't do that because I need money.

Thing have changed when a motivator visits our office, here name is Marge. I cannot remember her last name but she was awesome. She thought me a lot and her story was inspiring. She told me that if you are not enjoying your present situation change it, if you are not enjoying your work anymore leave it. BUT... Not all things are easy, yes it is good to take risks but what if you have no money? You can't just leave your work and hope that things will go on your way. If you will leave your work you must have savings to survive for at least 7 months. Money to compensate your food, bills, needs of the family, allowance for applying for a new job etc.

Never listen to people who say "If you don't love your job leave it". This phrase is incomplete, I say "leave your job if you can leave it and not getting screwed up". Some people were fooled by a lot of cinderella stories out there where a person leaves his job enters a real estate business or some kind of an MLM scheme and then BOOM! gets rich in just one month.

If you leave your job and you don't have enough money while looking for a new job then you're in big trouble. I know a lot of people who fall into this trap where they dream but they don't have a backup plan. They are so proud that they will leave their job that they consider hell. Then months have passed and you will hear the news that they are struggling to find a new job and they are planning to comeback to the company that they leave. What a shame!

You can change any situation in your life, may it be changing the job, changing friends, changing home

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