April 02, 2015


All of the successful people has repeatedly said this before, all of whose names were in history, all of the business tycoons, all of the warlords, all of the hall of famer in sports.

"You can have all the talent in this world, you can be the hardest worker but without confidence you are still nothing."

Confidence is different from being cocky, being cocky just wants to make some noise and gathers a lot of attention, Confidence is knowing that you will succeed no matter how hard the situation is. Confidence is knowing without knowledge, confidence is moving without hesitation.

It is ok if you don't have the right amount of confidence now, it is normal some are born with it and some are not but the good news is you can develop confidence by practicing it everyday. Develop a habit that will make you more confident, as you do it everyday your confidence will grow and grow until you have that confidence that will make you succeed.

One habit that will surely make your confidence grow is the habit of doing the task immediately. For example you need to study a lesson, do it immediately regardless of how lazy you feel, just read what is supposed to be read, solve what is supposed to be solved, memorize what is supposed to be memorized. If you need to ask your boss about the increase in your salary go ahead and do it, it doesn't matter if your boss is in a good mood, nothing matters, all that matters is what you need and what you want.

Another habit is doing what scares you the most, this habit is the scariest but the most fun and the most rewarding and the most effective. Yeah you are scared to take the last shot in a basketball game, you are scared to drive, you are scared to swim, you are scared to ask a girl for a date, you are scared to speak infront of people but if you do it everyday those fears will become confidence. Do what scares you most and never mind the result.

Another habit is consistently doing a hobby everyday and be good at it, just make sure you are very passionate at this hobby. It can be painting, drawing, poetry, sports, weaving a basket, cracking jokes, collecting stuffs or anything that is positive and you can be great at. If you are good at something your confidence will grow, it will make you feel you are special and you have something in you that you can be proud of. Continue improving on your hobby and your confidence will also improve, it is because you have something that needs to improve everyday, you have something that you can do when things turn bad,you have something that makes you unique, you have something that you can express your feelings freely and lastly you have something that will make you feel good. It doesn't matter what kind of hobby you choose for as long as it makes you feel good and confident just do it everyday.

So that's it for today folks, hope this article helps you and one thing if you found out that there are some mistakes on my articles such as typos, spelling, grammars etc. I have to confess to you, it is my hobby to just do what I feel like be doing, I don't care about mistakes and not caring about mistakes makes me confident.

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