January 17, 2015


What is drama? It is a form of act where someone is making a lot of attention grabbing scenes such as crying, complaining, whining, blaming and self pity.

The main purpose of drama is to gain sympathy from others or to make excuses why your life is miserable.

Drama is usually done by losers because it is their defense mechanism to cover up their failures. They cry, they blame then they whine just to look like a victim infront of people.

I have this so called "RIGHT DRAMA" it is also about crying, it is also about making scenes but what makes it right?

The right drama is you cry because you win, you cry because it is a tears of joy. You cry because you touched someone else's life. You cry because your wait is over, you cry because you've made a righteous sacrifice. That is the right drama, you are crying but is not about complaining or making excuses. You are crying because there is a great thing behind those tears.

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