January 21, 2015


If you are working so hard but not getting the results that you want maybe there is something wrong with your process. You are in the right path but you are wearing the wrong shoes.

If you are in the body building field and lifting 1 million tons a day but not getting the muscles that you are dreaming of for a long time there is something wrong with your system. Maybe it is in your diet, maybe it is in the shakes that you drink, you will be the one who will discover it. Change something, change or the results wont change.

If you are a salesman and hasn't sell something for 8 months but you are working like a maniac, again there is something wrong with your system, alter something. Change the way you look, change the way you speak, change your perception but don't change your attitude. If you changed everything you can but still not getting the desired results maybe you are not confident enough. Confidence can be altered too, read some books, do some hypnosis. A confident salesman can sell a used toothbrush in seconds.

If you are in a food industry and your business is not doing well, change something. Change the box of your pizza, make a new promo, add some ampalaya on your spaghetti, think out of the box. Do it just do it, alter something, change the vibration. People are addicted to something new, if they saw something fresh on your business they will try it for sure.

I am not telling you to change everything if what you are doing is not going well. Just alter something, change some small details so the results will be different. A small change can bring bigger results.

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