January 20, 2015


Not doing a bad habit for at least three days is already a mark of improvement. If you managed not to smoke for at least three days then keep it up. Don't ever look at cigarettes again nor think about it or crave for it, it is hard but if you did it once or twice then you can do it forever. Three days is not a strong foundation for a big change but it is a good start, are you going to waste the three days that you persevere? If you managed not to become a lazy person for just a day then keep the momentum going, never be afraid to get tired and never fall into lousy excuses that is preventing you from being great.

Some people managed to change and they resist to do their bad habits for weeks, months or even years but once they get tempted to do that bad habit again for just once they will immediately fall into that trap again. They will become addict again, they will become lazy again.

Guard yourself, think consciously and not sub consciously. It is hard to escape a bad habit but it is easy to get involved with it again. So if you've already changed a bad habit, are you going to do it again?. Always keep in mind the good things that happened to you the moment you removed that bad habit from your system.

It is easy to get tempted, it is easy to get fooled but remember it is very hard to escape once you've been trapped into that nonsense habit again.

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