January 12, 2015


Have you ever noticed Barack Obama made a mistake while delivering a speech? I bet not all of his speeches are perfect but people can't notice it because he was so poised, he was so confident and he was so bold, he was very sure of his words and actions that is why people believe in all what he says.

I know a basketball player named Michael Jordan and all of the basketball memories that was remembered about him is winning championships and winning shots, there are no chokes, no failures. I even remember one of his ugly games and he commits a lot of turnovers that night but no one blames him, you know why? because he was so confident, his coach and his teammates trust him so much. His teammates and coach has a lot of confidence in him. They knew that Michael can win them games so they allow him to make mistakes and they do not notice it.

Listen to all of the popular motivational speakers, listen to all of their videos carefully and you will notice that even them makes mistakes too, sometimes they feel shaky too and there were also times where they think about what they are going to say. People do not notice their mistakes because they were so confident, they have credentials that all of their words are real, they were so bold and they knew that even if they make mistakes they can correct it fast. I also don't even know if they consider their mistakes a mistake, it comes to a point where they feel invincible and no matter how many mistakes they commit they can still nail it.

This is one of the advantages of what confidence can give you, you will look so natural, all of the people will believe you, all of them will allow you to make mistakes because they knew that no matter what you know what you are doing.

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