December 29, 2014


The main goal of fear is to stop you from doing what you need to do or to stop you from doing what you love to do, as simple as that... so if you can do what you need to do or love to do then you are showing no mercy to your fear. Fear's job is very is to stop you from moving so if you can move despite of your fears then you are already a strong person. The difference between a successful person and a failure is a successful person move despite of feeling fearful, he moves despite of feeling shaky, he focuses on his goals and lately his fear will disappear. Fear is just an emotion, it is not real, it only becomes real when you are focus to it and you add thoughts to it.

You are the one who makes your fear grow, not any other person neither any other circumstances. You are the one who nourishes it and make it big so if you are the one who can make it strong you are also the one who can kill it or make it weak.

Fear becomes bigger if you are focused on the external elements of your life and what are these external elements that I am talking about? These are peer pressure, critics, results, unexpected change of events, rejection, mistakes, feedbacks. setbacks and any other things that you think as negative. The only way to make your fear weak is to move forward despite of feeling it. Fake your feelings - feel positive even though you are feeling negative. Always make a little progress and suddenly you will get a momentum that will keep you moving despite of feeling fear.

Show no mercy to your fear, move despite of feeling it, mock your fears, do what you fear the most and look fear into his eyes straightly and boldly and tell these words "I can move with or without you, either I feel you or don't I am still winning because I am moving".

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