December 30, 2014


Most of us were trap in the past and wants to change it, the reality is we cannot change it anymore. We can change our lives in the present but not in the past.

If you hurt someone, you apologize but if the person you hurt doesn't want to accept your apology you feel guilty. You think of it everyday and you feel bad about yourself. Never apologize multiple times, if you say sorry once or twice don't say sorry again. Let the time heal the wounds of the past. The person who gets hurt might still be in pain so he cannot accept the apology right away. Give time, give space and soon the person who gets hurt will realize that he must forgive you.

If you did a terrible mistake from the past, you will tell to yourself that you will try harder the next time, you will double your effort. Stop doing it, just do your best at the present moment and don't be hard to yourself too much, if you think that you need to double your effort because you did not do well from the past then the burden that you are carrying will be so heavy, the result is you get overwhelmed and then you will find out lately that you cannot do it and then what? you get frustrated again. Just forget the mistakes from the past, may it be about laziness, being irresponsible or whatever terrible decisions that you make. Just move on and do your best.

If you miss an opportunity from the past, if you let someone or something get away, if you take something for granted forget them all. I know that sometimes you want to buy a time machine and go back there, common stop wasting your energy for the things that you cannot change, be happy because you are still living with the present moment and that is all what you have, the present is the only thing that can make you happy and the only thing that can make you forget your past.

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