March 27, 2017


The process is you, the journey is you. You are not doing the process, you are processing yourself.

If your goal is making that millions, and you think that it is your journey then you're wrong, your transformation while pursuing that millions is the real journey here. You discipline yourself, you push hard, you conquer a lot of adversity, you become a totally different person. You changed a lot, and that is the real journey, changing is very hard, it is very stressful and impossible. The real journey is not taking the steps to become a millionaire, it is how you improve day by day and developed the necessary skills to get that millions.

Another example is getting that championship, the journey is not getting that belt or trophy or title. It is how you become better everyday and building the necessary habits to get that championship. The journey is your transformation, if you've become a better person... even if you didn't get the title then you're already a winner. If you've become stronger then you already succeeded. It is what happened in your body, mind, beliefs, skills, personality that determines your success. It is not about winning, being popular or being the most successful person on earth, it is what happens in your life. The real journey is the little by little progression that you are doing with yourself.

So don't ever think about if you are succeeding or not, don't feel bad and think that your journey sucks if you're not winning. You can be a winner by just simply working on yourself and being a little bit better than yesterday. The journey is not the success that you are getting day by day, it is the good feelings that you get by simply evolving and making your life grow.

March 26, 2017


The ultimate key for living and thriving is to enjoy every second. Everything and everyone that causes you pain will become weak if you can enjoy every second, and it is possible.

The moment you feel pain, that is the time you should be aware of enjoying very second. Just entertain thoughts that will make you forget the pain, amuse yourself so that time will run very fast and you will forget the pain that you are experiencing, as simple as that.

The traffic will become weak, it will not cause stress to you anymore if you can enjoy every second of traffic. Just enjoy looking outside of your window, look for some luxury cars. Enjoy the coldness of your aircon, play your favorite music or favorite station. You can forget about time if you can find at least something that will make you a little bit amused. You can even remember the happy moments from the past. Remember what makes you really laugh hard, remember what makes you love hard. It is very easy, you just need to play with your thoughts a little bit.

Your injury will become weak if you can enjoy every second of healing it. Whatever injury you have, you need to enjoy the process so it can heal fast. Your injury will become weak if you can have fun feeling the pain, feel it little by little and laugh at it. Feel the pain in the process of healing, never try to escape it, embrace it and face the pain. Once you get familiar with the pain... you will heal fast and you will never notice that your injury is already gone.

If someone is annoying you, make him feel that you enjoy being annoyed, make him feel that you feel nothing about his stupid antics towards you. Make him feel powerless. Enjoy every second of ignoring the person that is annoying you and he will stop right away.

Just like in any competition, if you can enjoy being dominated then you can dominate everyone too. It is because you will be loose, you will feel that you don't have anything to lose, you are not rushing, you are not getting frustrated. Being calm during adversity will make you do the right thing. It will make you stronger, faster and more effective. Any opponent will become weak if you can enjoy his strikes, trash talking and attack. If you will not be afraid of your opponent's movement and words then you can control him and beat him.

If you can just enjoy any tough situations then nothing or no one can control you. If you can control your own emotions and still be appreciative to anything that is happening then you will never be stressed. It is all about mind conditioning, it is all about changing your perspective.

March 26, 2017


Set some numbers and strictly follow it everyday, follow it and wait and see what those numbers can give you. It is one way to simplify the process and reach your goals faster than ever.

If you want to get promoted by your boss... simply increase your production, set a quota for yourself and then reach it everyday, reach it no matter what. Do it for a few months or even a year, do it and wait for the results.

If you want to save more money, then just save a couple of bucks everyday, be specific, choose a number. A number that you can follow, be strict to yourself and never buy anything unless you saved the set quota that you set for yourself. Follow it for a year or more and see how you've transformed your financial status.

If you want to be strong just set a number of pushups that you can do everyday, it can be 20 or 50 or 100. Whatever you feel like you can do, set it and follow it. Never miss a day. Once you are comfortable with doing 20 and it is very easy for you... you can jump on to a higher number and do it again everyday. Never miss, never make an excuse that you are sick, tired or something. Do it for years and see how strong you can be.

If you want to be good in school and make your grades alive. Just set a number of hours that you are going to study everyday, it can be  2 or 3 or even 8 hours. Whatever number you set, make sure that you are going to follow it even if your brain is already bleeding, follow those numbers and see the dramatic improvement that you will be able to achieve. You will become smarter, your parents will become happier for sure.

It is just a matter of disciplining yourself and following the numbers that you set for yourself. Take it seriously and watch a big transformation in your life.

If you will become very consistent then you will build a habit that will make your life better. You will will be able to change your life slowly and surely.

March 25, 2017


There are three significant signs that you are going to become wealthy, once you find yourself experiencing these signs then for sure you will have an abundant life. Always be aware of how are you behaving and thinking because assessing yourself will help you a lot to achieve success faster than expected.

1. You are always thinking about business and earning money. You think about money 24/7, it is not that you are making money as your only world, it's just that you are so focused and you dominate your thoughts with money so that you will think about ways how to make money and you will be attracted with opportunities that will give you money. You think about building a business, before you're not thinking about it because all you do is spend. But now your game is different, you think about passive income, you think about assets and different ways that will increase your net worth. In other words you are on your way of becoming rich.

2. You are not buying stupid stuffs anymore. You are very smart with spending your money. Before, you buy gadgets, toys, accessories and any other things that the value depreciates, But now you are smarter, you are buying things that will increase value. Things like lots, golds, real estate, stocks etc. You want to put your money on things that will make you rich in the future.

3. You cut down all of your liabilities and you are thinking about assets. You are not using credit cards anymore, you don't buy stuffs with interests. You only think about small businesses that will make your financial status better. You don't buy cars, appliances that you will pay every month. You know what to do with your money. You hate liabilities, you don't even loan because you know it will only make you suffer in the future.

March 25, 2017


If you're too kind people will abuse you, people will step on you, manipulate you and will disrespect you. It is what it is, even if you're the nicest person in the world, that doesn't mean people will treat you nice too and success will be guaranteed to you.

Sometimes you need to be a little tough and impose your will so you will get what you want. Sometimes you need to be a little aggressive and enforce you will so you can achieve what you are trying to achieve. Because being too soft will not get the job done. Being too much soft spoken, generous, hesitant will only make you look weak and you will also feel weak.

Try to be a little bit rough and give people a little bit aggression and see if you can produce a different result. They've been abusing you for so many years, they've been treating you like a weak puppy for a very long time so I think this is the time to show them who the real boss is.

It's not that you become very mean and you will kick someone's ass for no reason, the point here is never let them do whatever they want with you, never let them just step on you and abuse you. If they didn't treat you right... fight back and show your teeth. Don't be too much humble, show them a little swag.

And when it comes to pursuing dreams.. it is time to enforce your will, it is time to ask them what you really want, it is time to ask the universe for more because you deserve more without being apologetic about it. It is time to produce some nasty numbers that no one has ever produced. You need to do something different. Kill your hesitation and pick your destination.

March 25, 2017


If you're not afraid to lose something then you will get something much much better. It is like losing something for a better replacement.

If you're not afraid to lose your present job and look for a better job with better pay then you will get it. You cannot do both, you cannot have both jobs. Something has to go, it is up to you what option will you drop and embrace another but better option. Something has to be sacrificed in order to achieve a better position in life.

A good example is friendship, if you feel that your friends are abusing you and not making you feel better.. don't be afraid to lose them, don't be afraid to leave them. You can always find a new set of friends that are more meaningful, kind and can make you a better person. You can find friends who sees the best in you and can bring out the best in you not someone who will bully you and make your confidence go down. Don't be afraid to lose something in exchange for a better thing.

It is not taking risk or being arrogant, it is being confident that there are better things waiting for you if you are willing to get them and leave the things or people that are not meaningful to your life anymore. Don't be afraid to feel abundant because you deserve a lot, you deserve to be treated better, you deserve to get better.

Don't be afraid to lose your comfort now and do some other things that will give you more comfort in the future. Don't be afraid if you will get hungry now because you are using your money for better business. If you lose something because your intention is good and your vision is to have a better life then you will get that better life in the future. Once you lose something, something will replace it so don't worry if you are not winning for the moment. You will win in just a matter of time. Better things, people, opportunities will come to you because you are not afraid to lose something and find better replacements.

March 25, 2017


Keep failing, keep trying, keep moving forward. Failure is just disguising, it is not a really a failure. It is just another step for shortening the gap between your situation now and your desired destination.

The more you fail, the more you become closer to winning and that is the reality. All people thinks that constantly and consistently failing means you're a failure. It is not, it is the perspective of failing that will define you, if you think that you are getting better while failing then you are, if you think that you are dumb because you are failing then you are right again.

Some people are ok with failing because they learn something from it, they don't care about what people say, they don't care if their efforts were just wasted, and the truth is... if you think you've learn something from failing then you didn't waste any time or effort at all.

The more you fail, the more you will not feel anything about failing anymore and that will make you invincible, you have nothing to lose... you have everything to gain. You will no longer be afraid of failing because it doesn't make you feel bad anymore, it is just another normal day, if you fail then you learn something, if you win then it is much better. You're always in a win-win situation.

So keep failing and keep moving forward, keep shortening the gap between your situation and your desired destination. Sometimes you will think that nothing is happening and that you need to stop. But don't be fooled by those thoughts. Something is happening while you are failing, you are always improving while you are failing. You are becoming mentally tough, you don't care about your emotions anymore, all you care about is winning and trying for one more time.

March 25, 2017


If you feel uncomfortable now, don't make it a big deal because after it is comfort. You will feel very comfortable because you will get the price for enduring it.

If your situation now as really uncomfortable because you are just starting your journey and it feels like you've been working so hard but nothing is happening... don't feel bad. Your discomfort will turn into comfort later. You will reap the rewards of your effort in the end. You will soon realize that if you didn't face all the discomforts in your life then you will not achieve anything.

All the uncomfortable situation does is make you stronger and better. Your patience will become stronger, your endurance will become longer. You will be able to withstand any hardships in life because any discomfort cannot harm you anymore because you are so familiar with it.

Just like in lifting weights, it is uncomfortable, it is stressful but once you mastered the discomfort... you will become really powerful, you muscles will grow, you will become better than yesterday. You will achieve the looks and strength that you are aiming for, you will feel uncomfortable in the end.

Discomfort is just a success disguising in stress. It is not there to make you suffer, it is there to show you what you want, it is there to give you a better life in the future. So if you are struggling now and experiencing a lot of negative emotions... always remember that it is not permanent, it is only temporary. Embrace the pain now and wait until your life become better again, wait until your situation become comfortable again.

All you have to do is feel ok not being ok, feel comfortable in uncomfortable situation. Endure everything, any negative emotion will never last.

It is just an emotion, it is only a feeling, if it will not kill you... it will make you stronger.

March 25, 2017


Strike while the iron is hot, if you're hot keep being hot and keep doing what makes you thrive. A lot of players will not shoot the ball anymore once they feel like they've already shoot a lot of buckets. They will pass the ball to their teammates because they don't want to be labelled as selfish. It is wrong because feeling hot and having a very strong momentum and confidence will not visit your system everyday. It only comes once in a while so once you feel it... grab it, stay hot, keep shooting, keep succeeding.

Don't worry about them if they call you selfish. Don't worry about them because they can't feel what you feel. It is not your problem if they can't experience what you are experiencing right now, it is not your problem if they are not thriving in life. All you can do is enjoy yourself and enjoy getting results. Because your fire can die anytime soon and if you will not make the best out of it then you just wasted it.

You can feel it if you're hot, you can feel it if you feel unstoppable and very confident. You know it in yourself, there will be times when you feel you can do everything and that feeling doesn't always come so once you feel it... live with it and enjoy it, do everything to sustain it but don't feel bad once it is gone.

Any people can feel hot, anyone can have that tremendous and unexplainable feeling, if you can feel it now... you should use it very well and do awesome things because if you don't do anything from it... chances are you will never feel it again.

Try to make your fire hotter, try to make your body steam, try to make it bigger. Use it to your advantage, use it to succeed.

March 25, 2017


Sometimes you will wonder why you keep failing and failing even if you are working hard. You keep on experiencing heartbreaks even if you already paid your dues. It only means the universe is just testing you, it only means it is not your time yet.

You can prepare a lot, practice a lot, prepare all the necessary requirements but still fail in the end. But don't worry because it only means it is not yet your time, there is a designated time for you and it will come anytime so you better be ready. So just keep preparing, keep working hard because opportunity may knock at your door anytime, you maybe surprised how big it is and you will even doubt yourself if you can handle it.

The trick in life is to work hard but don't take things seriously, don't feel bad if you are always failing. It is only part of the process. Don't stop because if you will stop then opportunities will not be attracted to you, as simple as that. You have to keep improving while waiting for your time because if your time comes and you're not ready... it will not be yours, you will let it slip again from your hands.

Your time will come and that is for sure. And it will only come if you have high hopes and consistently doing positive actions. Your improvement should never stop, even if you feel like you're not improving... just do your thing then. Doing it everyday is already improving so never worry if you are making progress or not.

Everybody has his own time, it is not your time yet but who knows? it can be tomorrow, next week or next month. Just stay patient and try to make the love for what you are doing get stronger everyday. Always stay motivated, hungry and be willing to do whatever it takes to win.

March 25, 2017


If you have a small momentum going on, let's say your business is earning a little bit... even if it is not what you are expecting because you are expecting huge profits... keep the momentum going, it is already a momentum and it is already a path to bigger success.

People were easily get discouraged if they can't get what they are expecting. They will stop even if there is a little bit of progress going on, they will look for bigger things and they want to get it fast. But sometimes success cannot be attained instantly, sometimes you can only get it gradually or little by little.

If you are seeing a little success in your life, if you think that you are moving forward a little bit then you should keep that momentum alive, never kill it nor stop it. Because you're already there, you just need to find some little pieces that will make your momentum faster and stronger. You just need to experiment a little bit and try some other things or process that will hasten your progress.

Something will happen if you keep the momentum going, something big will arrive, the big break that you are waiting for will come into your house, you just need to be patient and keep the momentum alive for as long as you can keep it.

If you are looking for a job and you can't find it... just keep looking because looking for a job itself is already a momentum, you're already moving. Never lose hope because doing that will only kill the momentum, momentum will stay alive and stronger if you have strong belief in yourself. Never stop passing your resumes to different companies and one day you will get a phone call, a company will hire you and that is guaranteed.

People can't get what they want because they are always killing their own momentum. They will put a very small effort today and will complain tomorrow if the can't see any results. Things doesn't work that way, you have to keep your hopes alive and keep moving even if the results weren't showing. Because it is the only way to stay on the right track, it is the only way to invite the opportunities in your life.

Put your mind in a state of motion, it should always be moving and moving in a positive way, it should always look for the things that will make you feel better. Your mind should only see the things that will give you advantage and little hopes that will attract results.

March 25, 2017


Yeah, it is hard, I know it is hard, everybody knows it's hard... but it is still doable, it can be done, you can still reach the finish line. You can push a little inch, you can move forward even if you are slow and dying.

If you think that you can do it then why are you worrying about the difficulty? why are you worrying if you can make it or not?

Facing difficulty is granted, it will happen anywhere or anytime. But that doesn't mean you have to stop, that doesn't mean you have to go back and do some other things that are easier but less rewarding.

Don't worry about the difficult steps and challenges, don't worry about how long will it take to get there. Worry about your tenacity, worry about your will, are you decided that you are going to do it despite of those huge obstacles? are you sure you are going to put an effort to make it to the top?

You can't make things easier because you are so worried about the difficulty, you are so worried about suffering. The one thing you should worry about is do you want it or not? Are you willing to face all the challenges or not? if the answer is yes then stop thinking about anything else and keep moving.

If you are tenacious enough and is 100 percent decided that you are going to do it then for sure you will succeed. You will not care if it is hard or easy, you will not care if you still need to travel a very long road just to get there.

So never look for an easy road, never check your situation if you are suffering or not, just check your mindset. Check your will if it is already weak and make it strong by taking small steps to forge some progress. You should strengthen your willpower every now and then and you can do it by entertaining thoughts that will empower you, never accept negative thoughts from other people... ever.

March 25, 2017


If you are are working hard yet you are not producing awesome results it means your belief is weak, it means your vision is blurry and you don't believe that one day all of your hardwork is going to pay off. You better check your belief and find out if it is high or low.

You have to believe that a higher power is watching you, he is watching all of your efforts and sacrifices. You have to believe that one day you will succeed and all of your works will be recognized. You can't just work hard and expect results to happen, you must have a different level of belief that will keep you motivated when things aren't going well. Because you can work hard all of your life but if your belief is not there then nothing will happen to you.

Combine hardwork and spirituality, this is the best approach to succeed in life. Because you will come to a point where you can't believe in your work anymore, you will come to a point where you wanted to stop because it is really difficult and you can't make a progress. But if you have an unshakable belief then nothing can stop you, you will never doubt yourself, you will keep pushing no matter what.

Just believe, just keep pushing and believing. There is nothing wrong in having a different level of belief. It is better to believe than to doubt yourself. You will be able to work harder if you believe in yourself, believe in something, believe that one day all of your efforts will be rewarded.

Hardwork and spirituality is the perfect combination to succeed in life. Some people will combine hardwork and vices, some people will combine hardwork and arrogance, some people will combine hardwork and ego... where did those combinations brought them?

March 25, 2017


Sometimes you get too emotional, you are giving sympathy to others even though they don't need your sympathy. You're acting like you care but the truth is you can't do something about it. If all you do is feel sorry and you can't help or at least take small actions to make the situation better... then you're just a joke, you're a corny attention seeker that only wants to look nice to other people.

You will post hash tags on facebook that says you feel sorry for the bombing in france but you can't even feel sorry for the problems of your own country. You're acting like you're so affected, are you really affected or you just want to be part of the talk of the town?

First of all... it is not your problem. The problems of other people or other country is not your problem so why are you acting like you're affected?

The point here is there is nothing you can do about it anymore, if you can help them then do it right away, give donations, give your money, do everything you can. But if all you can do is make dramas then you better shut up because you're not helping, your're just acting like you care.

You should solve your own problem first before talking about other people's problems. How can you help other people if you can't even help yourself? the problem with you is you care so much with other people's problems but you can't even fix your own life.

You can never have a better life if you care so much about other people but you don't even care about yourself. It's not about being selfish or insensitive, it is about facing the truth... you should make your life better first before making other people's life better.

You care about the problem of your cousin who didn't pass the board exam, you care about the problem of your friend who can't find a job, you care about the problem of your uncle who was fired in his job. You can feel sorry for them but never try to mix your life with their problems, if they are not asking for your help or advise then stop thinking about their situations because they can solve their problems in their own. You have problems on your own so you better focus on your own life first before trying to help other people, because the truth is... you can never help them if you cannot fix your own life.

March 24, 2017


You've come a long long way only to think about giving up, are you kidding me? You bleed for this, you grind, you hustle. You drink blood, sweat and tears so this is not the time for giving up. You feel bad because you can't see any signs of progress and that is completely normal. If you are pursuing something great, there will be times when you wanted to give up because you think that it is irrational to keep going. You think that you're just wasting effort and you're only killing yourself. But that's not the mentality that you should have.

You should think about the sufferings that you went through, you have to think about all of the hardwork that you put in, all the time that you spent just to make your dreams come true... those are the things that you should think about and not about giving up. Think about how strong you are to go this far.

You dedicate your life for this only to feel weak in the end, think about it for a second or third time before quitting. If you bleed for something then you should not let it go. You should fight for it until the end because you've already been hurt, you know what pain feels like, you have nothing left to lose so why not go all out until the end?

It is just a matter of time before you succeed, you never know... you're just a few steps away from success. If you're bleeding now then keep bleeding until the bleeding stops.

You bleed for this so you have to get this, it's now or never, there's no more turning back. If you quit now then you will quit again in the future because you already feel good about quitting, you think that quitting is alright.

March 23, 2017


A lot of people wants to be ready before they try something, the truth is this... sometimes over preparation will lead to depression. You prepare and prepare, practice and practice but what did you accomplished... NOTHING. You will feel frustrated because you can't see any progress, why? because you are not even trying to win. You are just preparing to win but the truth is you are so afraid to fail that is why you are making preparation as an excuse for you not to try.

A lot of people will make themselves ready, they will even make a timeline before they expose themselves but they end up hiding forever and pretending to be doing something. They are making people wait, they are making people believe that when they're ready... they are going to dominate and make a boom. But that hype doesn't come into fruition because over preparation leads to exhaustion.

So the best thing to do is throw yourself out there and do what you are suppose to do. Forget about if you are ready or not, forget about winning or losing, all you have to do is throw yourself out there and wait for the results. If you will not force yourself to make a move then you will be stuck in a mud forever. You will wait, practice, prepare and then grow old accomplishing nothing.

It is better to lose and see what is possible than to have a perfect record but wondering forever if you can succeed or not.

Success is not about who is the most prepared, it is about who wants to win the most. Preparation is good but being over prepared is not. Over preparation is just an excuse, sometimes you will even got hurt because of over preparing.

March 23, 2017


If you can find someone whom you can borrow some money then you can also find someone who can give you a job. It is just a matter of looking for it, you can always find a way, the only reason you can't find what you are looking for is because you are not seeking hard enough, your efforts were to weak and small. You can find someone who will lend you some money because your hopes were high, you believe that someone will have pity on you, unlike in looking for a job, you don't believe that you can't have a job that is why you can't find it.

You can always find what you are looking for if you believe that it will show. Your actions will look for it, you will be in the right place at the right time, that is the power of belief.

So if you really wanted to win... just keep moving, never stop and never get frustrated once you are not seeing results. Your situation is not your destination so you have to move your feet and stay away from depression.

The key here is to know what you are looking for and be specific about it. Ask for it, die for it and you will have it. You don't need to be great, you don't need to be talented or possess all the skills to have it, you just need to use all of your power and belief to bring it into your life. Your will power must be on a different level.

Whatever problems you have, you can solve it. You can even solve it on your own, don't panic because you can always find a way no matter what. Just pretend that it is already solved, make actions and then just let things happen. No need to worry, no need to force anything. Everything will be unfold in the right time.

March 23, 2017


A lot of people wants to move but they can't move. They want to do something but they can't do something. They always talk about hardwork but they can't put in the work. The truth about this is because they haven't work in their lives, maybe they work in some company for 9-10 hours a day but that is not real work, it is a forced work and they just do it to earn some money.

You have to work for yourself and not for other people. You need to find what you really love and fall in love with it deeply to the point where doing something for it is your default.

If you simply love moving especially if your movement has something to do with your dreams then you will get something and that is guaranteed. Always keep in mind that all efforts will be rewarded, there is no way you can't get something if you work super hard.

Just fall in love with moving, just fall in love with doing something for your dreams and you're already successful. You don't need to think about money anymore, you don't need to worry about your expenses because just like I said, you will get something if you are moving. If you are taking actions then you will also be taken care of. Where will it come from? there is no specific source but for sure all of your needs will be provided, and that is if you keep working.

Some people wants to have a guaranteed money before they work that is why they can't have work, they don't want to move if they are not sure of getting something. This is a bad approach because it will only make you lazy and undisciplined.

So if you want to remove worries in life, if you want to be sure that you will get something... just move, take positive and meaningful actions.

Yes it is hard to move and continue taking actions if you can't see results but it is harder to just sit around and do nothing for your life.

March 23, 2017


Confidence can go down, it is not permanent. It can go up but it can also go down, it depends on what happens to you. But if you have the not thinking mindset then you will remain in that state forever, you will just do it, you will keep pushing no matter what.

If you will care about your confidence then you will never move if you're not confident, it is simply because you are thinking too much. But if you have the no thinking mindset then you will still do it even if you're not that confident, you will not care if you feel good or not, you feel nothing and that makes you unstoppable.

If you are not thinking you will not care about results, you will not care if you are right or wrong and that will make you invincible.

Some people needs confidence before they act ant that makes them stuck forever. You will only gain confidence through motion and not through reaction. Stop reacting if things doesn't go on your way, stop thinking and start moving.

If you are not thinking then you will not even care if your efforts were wasted, you will just move on to the next stage of your life and find what is possible.

People who relies on confidence were not confident at all, they always wanted to feel good before they do something. If you are not thinking then you can adapt to any environment and make adjustments if needed, you don't need to feel good because you knew it will come in just a matter of time, you knew confidence will be on your side once you start taking actions.

Confidence is overrated, a lot of people thinks they are confident but when storm and chaos touches them... they feel uncomfortable, they freak out.

So if you have to choose a state of mind between confidence and no thinking, always choose the last one. If you are not thinking you can have everything because you will simply keep moving until you find yourself winning.

March 23, 2017


Let's talk about taking care of things. A lot of people wants they properties or things to always look new, that is why they are broke, that is why they can't achieve financial freedom... they always buy new things even though they don't have money.

All new need is a small piece of rug, just wipe the dust off from your things and it will become new again. Wipe the dirt off from your shoes and it will look new again, wipe the dust from your cellphone and also the fingerprints and it will look new again.

You may laugh at this idea but in helps in some ways.

I am just wiping the dirt and dust of my car and it looks new again, a lot of people wants to buy new cars once the color of their cars faded. They will put themselves in a bad financial position just to look flashy and rich but deep inside they really feel broke.

It is not about depriving yourself from buying new things and thinking like crazy by using rug to feel good. It is true... the more you take care of your things... the more it will last longer and look newer. It is not the rug that makes it new, it is the wiping of your rug... your effort and care for your things that makes it new. Your appreciation for your things, your love and work to maintain it that makes it new. Make everything you touch turns into gold by taking care of it and appreciating it. It is true that things have life. The more you take care of your things, the more it will last longer and look nicer. It is also like a plant that needs to be watered. Love your things and it will love you back, it will last longer, it will look newer and you will feel good about it.

The more you wipe your shoes, the more you feel good about it even if it is old. And the good thing is people will notice it, people will notice that your shoes are not getting uglier rather it is getting nicer the more it gets old. It is your love that will make your properties more valuable.

I've seen an old model of a car passing on the highway.. I think that car is almost 30 years old but it still look awesome, the paint is not fading, the mugs and wheels are properly cleaned and the whole car is shiny. You can say that the owner really loves that car and he is doing everything to maintain it.

So just a simple rug and a little amount of love will make your properties look new. Just take care of it never replace it if it is still working.

March 23, 2017


The problem with you is you want fast success but your execution is very slow. You are always thinking about how to become successful, you are thinking about what things to buy once you have that big money, you are always thinking about the luxury in life. All you want is the good times, you are not willing to endure the bad times.

If you want a lot then you must work a lot, the equation is very simple. How can you get big things if you are working small? how can you achieve success if all you do is worry, make a plan, dream, procrastinate and become depressed once you can't see any results?

Your execution should be fast, just do it. Stop overthinking and reacting, once you have an idea.. do it. Don't worry if it is right or wrong, what matters is you keep making momentum and you keep the ball rolling. It is like a snowball effect, the more you put in the effort... the more you will get results. Just execute now and never wait for tomorrow. Do what you think is the best for your life, never wait for someone's approval, never wait for an inspiration. Keep in mind that time is always running, you can never stop it, you can never turn it back. The more you waste time, the more you are likely to fail.

Stop looking for immediate success because it will never come. I've known a lot of people who believes in shortcuts and all of them failed, all of them were depressed and doesn't know what to do with their lives. If you want it fast you will fall fast because you didn't build the endurance and mindset to keep going when something went wrong.

Focus on making your execution fast, and try to slow down the part of you that wants to become successful fast. Execution will give you progression so stop dreaming about success, stop dreaming about diamonds and cars. Those things will come to you in the right time if your effort is already enough.

March 23, 2017


Where is your energy running? where is it focused? where are you placing your energy? You must know the consumption of your energy very well so that you can live a better and easier life.

Are you using your energy for always looking for results instead of taking actions to produce results? If you are always looking for results then you are just wasting your energy, you think that constantly checking every now and then is a sign of a serious goal getter huh? If you will sum up the time and energy you wasted for checking the results, you will see that you've wasted a lot of time and those time could have been use to create a little progress in your life.

Are you using your energy dealing with haters and critics instead of just focusing on your work? Giving your haters a lot of attention will just drain your energy, you will become weak, you will feel bad. You will never win over them because they have nothing to lose, you are the one who has a lot to lose because you are doing well in life and you have a vision. Those haters were already losers so never waste an ounce of energy dealing with them.

Are you using your money energy for buying useless foods, things etc. that will only make you broke instead of using it for business or investments? You must know very well where to place your money so you will have a very strong financial freedom in the future.

You have a lot of energy, you just don't know where to use it. Life is very simple, place your energy to people and things that will give you more energy to live a prosperous life, as simple as that. Place your energy to activities and thoughts that will create a brighter future for you.

March 23, 2017


You will come to a point where you feel so free and everything is going fine, everything is falling into your hands and it seems that you can't do anything wrong. So don't feel bad if you are not progressing right now, there is a breakthrough point waiting for you. When will it come? I don't know but for sure it will come.

Your breakthrough is when you don't care anymore, all you care about is moving and succeeding. You don't care about the results, all you care about is getting what you want. A breakthrough is just a mindset, it is 100 percent mental. But you will never achieve it right away. You need to experience a series of emotions and failures before you get it. So you have to think that a failure is not really a failure, it is just a component to make your personality stronger, wiser and tougher.

So if you are struggling now... keep struggling, keep pushing. it is molding your mind to a different level.. a level of invincibility and creativity. If you keep struggling and you never quit, you will come to a point where everything doesn't matter anymore except succeeding and thriving. Everything happens for a reason, your recent hardships in life is there to push you to a different level where you don't know any boundaries in life anymore.

If you are slow, keep being slow but never stop, consistency and continuity is what matters, you will become fast as the time goes by. Your breakthrough will come in just a matter of time but for the moment... all you can do is appreciate what you have and what you can. Just keep improving everyday and you will be alright.

The key here is to stop looking for the breakthrough because it will come naturally, it will come in the right time, you will feel it. Just keep doing what you're doing because you are very near.

March 23, 2017


If you want to become more confident, you must know your default identity and use it. What are you? what are you doing? how do you feel? you must know your place and know all of your capabilities so that you will not be lost when you are in different situations that are not familiar to you.

You must simply use your knowledge, skills and all of your strength. Never caught up jelling with others and impressing them by following their style and interest. You must use what you really want and follow how you really feel. Know your roots, be aware of how you feel. If you are scared, it only means you are not being yourself, it means you are not using your identity.

So if you are going to a party and you want to wear black then wear it, don't be scared to wear it, if you want to wear simple clothes then wear it. Don't be afraid if people are wearing fancier clothes than you and you will look outcast. Your identity is where you are comfortable, use it so you will feel good and more confident. If you will try to force yourself to wear fancy clothes but you really didn't like it then you will not look great, you will look awkward because you don't feel good wearing it. How you feel is how you will look.

Even in conversations, if you will try to invent stories just to please the person you are talking to then you will look like a liar, you will be exposed in the end. If you don't know anything about the specific topic then don't say anything. It is better to be quietly honest than to be a loud liar. Even if your mouth runs dry... be ok with it because you have your own stories, you have your own knowledge and it doesn't matter if you can't use it for the moment.

Each people has his own strength but they can't use it because they don't know who they are. All they know is they have to follow the crowd to avoid being labelled as weak or weirdo. Keep in mind that if you will think about what people say then you are already throwing away your powers, you are submitting to them and you will not be able to run your own energy.

So simply know who you are, know your stories, know your skills, know your style, know your strengths and weakness and that's it. Never invent something that you didn't know, never try something that you don't like.

You can become really confident if you will use something where you are good at, you will become confident if you are not looking outside of yourself.

March 23, 2017


You wanted to be good at something... do it everyday, do it consistently and never stop.  That is the only way to be great, that is the only way to become a guru. It doesn't matter if you know less. You will know a lot of you keep doing it, the right information will come, your knowledge will expand, you will become a new person.

You will be able to create your own technique, a technique that is originally yours and doesn't come from someone's teachings. It comes from your hardwork, it was built naturally through your persistence and determination. Through repetition you will discover something that not a lot of people know, you will create an idea that is truly yours and can make a huge contribution to the society, an idea that can help them and improve their situation.

All the techniques that you've seen before were just created by humans like you who works so hard and dedicate themselves for something. They discover it by constantly trying and trying until they discover something that will be very useful, something that is effective and can make a work easier and fun.

So don't worry if you don't have any technique as of now, you will discover it later, there is a technique waiting for you to be explored and owned. An idea that will be owned by you hasn't been exposed yet so it is your job to expose it and show it to the world. Just keep working hard and have the faith that you will gain the knowledge to become successful. It is all about having fun while improving everyday, you will grow if you are consistent so don't ever stop and just keep making little progress everyday. The longer you do the work, the faster you will discover your own technique.

March 22, 2017


You already knew then answer yet you still ask your smart seatmate if your answer is correct before raising your hand and reciting to your teacher. I don't know why are you doubting yourself too much, you knew the answer but you are pretending that you don't know it. How did that happen? You are capable of reciting, you are just so afraid of making a mistake, you are afraid that your classmates might laugh at you or your teacher will correct you in a very unfriendly way. Even if those assumptions happen... is it really a big deal if you made a mistake? are you going to die if they laugh at you or your teacher get mad at you? You are asking too much for permission that is why you have less production.

You are open yet you didn't take the last shot, you pass the ball to the star player which is not even open, he force the shot and miss, your team lost. Is it the star player's fault or your fault? You've been practicing that shot all year long yet you can't take it? you are asking too much permission. You are so scared that your teammates or coach will get mad at you if you didn't made the shot so you pass it instead. And when you go home, you are wondering what could happen if you're the one who take the shot.

Once you have the chance... take it and don't ask for anyone's permission. It is your life, you have the right to shine, you have the right to become happy. Stop playing safe because you are even putting your life in danger if you are You are missing the happiness and satisfaction that you could have felt only if you man up and take the opportunity presented. An opportunity may not come back again so once you see it... devour it and treat it like it's the last.

It doesn't matter if other people will get mad, it doesn't matter if they blame you or laugh at you, what matters is you take what you think is rightfully yours. Avoid regrets, stop asking for permission.

March 22, 2017


Treat everything as neutral, treat everything as not of a big deal. This kind of approach will make your life easier, it will make you succeed fast and avoid the big obstacles along the way. Everything is nothing and it really is. If it doesn't help you, it is nothing, don't ever think about it, don't ever give it an attention. It is nothing but a time waster so don't ever give time for it.

If someone treats you bad... consider it as nothing, you have a goal and you don't need to engage in battles that will only slow you down and give you problems. It is nothing, you are still alive, nothing bad happens to you. If someone say foul words to you... it is nothing, you are not physically injured, you didn't bleed so keep going and put yourself back in the right direction.

Remember that everything is nothing, it will only become evident if it will help you to succeed. If any thought, opinions, treatment, event, happenings etc. doesn't help you then it is nothing.

If you are tired it is nothing, don't make it a big deal. Everyone gets tired, being tired doesn't mean you can't keep going. Being tired means you just need to take a deep breathe, rest if you must and then continue. Being tired is just a feeling, it is an indication that you must pause for a while and experience life. Sometimes being tired is a signal to appreciate life even more by resting, breathing and spending time with the people that matters to you the most.

Win or lose, it is nothing. If you lost, it is nothing, you can try again, you can do better next time, there is always another opportunity to win. Losing is not a big deal, it is part of life, everybody can lose, everybody is losing. Same as if you win, it is nothing too, it is just another day. Don't celebrate too much if you win because it will make your head grow big, it will make you lazy because you think you already succeeded. Just celebrate for a short time and go back grinding again.

If you feel stressed or pressured, it is nothing. It is just a feeling, it will be gone in a while, don't fight it, don't get mad or feel bad about it. It is just a feeling and always remember that you can control your emotions, the more you focus on it the more it will become painful. So treat it as nothing and remain calm, that negative emotion will pass, it is not forever.

If you want to work hard and pursue your dreams, go ahead. But if you fail, don't ever get hard on yourself, remember that everything is nothing and you can't bring anything with you if you die so don't ever feel bad if you can't get everything you want. You came from nothing and you will end with nothing so don't put too much pressure on yourself, don't feel bad when everything is going wrong. Just appreciate life because soon your life will be nothing, enjoy it while you still have it.

March 22, 2017


This is a pattern that is really great and for sure you will attain success by doing it. It will also make you enjoy the journey even more and make things smoother than expected.

All you have to do is take actions and then ignore and then take actions and then ignore again. Let the cycle continue as long as it can continue.

Take actions then ignore other people's opinions. Because every movement that you made, for sure people will have something to say at you. And if you listen to them, you will lose focus, you will never attain what are you trying to attain, listening to them is just a waste of time and energy so once you finished something... ignore all the words that you hear from other people may it be good or bad. Make it a habit to stop thinking about what other people might say for the actions that you've done.

If you need to rest then rest but don't ever use your time in resting for knowing what other people are thinking of you. Rest with peace of mind, don't rest in war.

Take action again then ignore the negative thoughts inside of your head that you can't do it, that you are tired, that you can't move anymore. Ignore all of the thoughts that are making you quit. Ignore all the ideas of going back and doing other things that are more comfortable, you're almost there. Just ignore what doesn't motivate you. Keep repeating the process... action, ignore, action and ignore.

March 22, 2017


Hardwork is scary because people don't know what they are going to do. Or maybe they know but they are complicating things, they are thinking deep, they are looking for something that doesn't need to be look upon.

Hardwork is very simple, you just need to do the simplest and most important things and that's it. Work on it for a very long time until you get the job done. No need to look for some other things that looks good but will never make a large impact. Don't look for so much details, just focus on the most important things that will surely give you results.

For example if you are trying to win a championship belt, of course everyone will tell you that you must work hard. And what your brain is going to do is wonder, it will wonder what are the things you need to do and all the scientific methods to become stronger. But all you have to do is train how to punch, kick, defend and become stronger. You don't need to try a lot of things that will only make your mind and body confused. In other words, you need to make hardwork very simple so that it will be easier. Just eat right, train right and that's it, as simple as that.

Hardwork becomes scary because people think about a lot of things, they think about the things that they don't know. They scared themselves and they put their mind on a position where it will worry a lot. Hardwork becomes scary too if you are always looking for the finish product, if you are thinking about getting the results fast. You need to live with the moment and just simply work hard every second. You don't need to rush or compare your results with the results of others.

Hardwork is a process, it becomes scary if you will think about the destination. Don't make an assessment of yourself everyday, don't look for how far have you got. Just simply make actions every second and never make it a big deal if you are working too much. It is your duty to work a lot so never pity yourself if you are over working.

Hardwork becomes scary too if you are thinking about getting tired, of course you will get tired but you must not be afraid of it because you're just a human being. Everyone gets tired, even the greatest gets tired. You are not a robot so you will get tired no matter how strong you are.

If you will only make a checklist or game plan of how are you going to do it then hardwork will never become scary because you know what you will do. You just need to follow your game plan and stick with it until you become successful. Don't get too fancy, the more basic you are the more you are likely to succeed.

March 21, 2017


You think the battle is between you and other people? no, the battle only happens in your mind. It is between you and you. You need to defeat the thought that is making you argue with different people because you don't even need to fight anyone just to look successful or greater than them.

The battle is only in your mind, if you can defeat the thought that is telling you that you are tired and you can't move anymore then you will be able to finish more things and step up to the next level. The negative thought is the real enemy, it is not the difficulty of the situation or the soreness of your body, it is the thought that is preventing you from taking actions.

You think that your opponent is too strong for you huh? you think you are battling him but the reality is not. If you can just convince yourself that the battle is only in your mind then you will never think that your opponent is too strong for you, you will think that he is just another man that you must face and the real battle is happening inside of your head. If you can just erase the thoughts that he is stronger than you can convince yourself that you are the better person then you already won. It's all in your head.

Even if your situation is really bad, you can think that it is good if you can convince your brain that everything will be alright, the battle is happening inside of your head. Your condition, surrounding or situation has nothing to do with how you feel, it is your thoughts that amplifies the negative emotions that you are experiencing.

It's all in the mind, if you can defeat the negative thoughts that are making your situation worse then you already won, if you can summon a thought that will make you feel better then you already have a big advantage. So when you are suffering, when you feel like nothing good is happening, just remember that the battle is inside of your head, you need to conquer your mind to conquer everything.

March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017


Keep flowing like a water means keep living, keep doing what you're doing. Never stop, never settle.

A water can break rocks, a water can flow forever, nothing can stop it.

If you think that nothing is happening to your life, if you are stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it... all you need to do is flow. Do something, keep moving and eventually you will go into some place that will give you happiness and success. Sometimes you don't need a direction, all you need is a vision. A vision of what you wanted to be and let things unfold naturally by working and working all day long.

Because if you will not flow, you will die in vain, you will not grow, your life will be wasted like everyone else. You should be on a constant movement, you should be flowing towards your goals.

If you have the mindset of just flowing then you will keep moving forward, you can destroy any obstacles in life, you will arrive at your desired destination. It's easy, just move, follow your gut and instincts, follow your heart. If you are flowing you will know a lot of things, if you are flowing you can experience a lot of things and explore a lot. Your knowledge will become unlimited, you will have a very deep understanding of yourself and the world that you are living in.

Flowing state will erase all of your problems, flowing state will give you all the solutions.

Your endurance will be enhanced, you will be like a journey man who keeps on coming and you will be ok with any stream of emotions that enters your system. You will become unbeatable, you will discover a hidden strength that is hiding inside of your body for a very long time. So keep flowing, keep moving.

March 21, 2017


You reality is your belief, no matter how much you deny it, no matter how much you don't believe it... it is true, it is not fiction nor opinion, it is science.

You are earning what you are earning now because it is what you can see and believe that you can earn, if you want to earn millions but you only believe that you can earn thousands then you can only get thousands as simple as that. Because your belief is what pushes you to do impossible things, your belief will make you go beyond your limits, your belief is what will make you strong when your body and mind is becoming weak.

So if someone is telling you that you can't do it... don't believe him. You don't want to believe it so stop entertaining it. Just entertain the beliefs that will empower you, never entertain thoughts that you don't want to become a reality.

Only believe the things that you wanted to see, don't worry about how it is going to happen, just believe that it will happen. All you have to do is take inspired actions and keep pushing no matter what. The things you needed will come to you one by one, you don't need to force it nor beg for it. It will come in the right time, it will come naturally. And that is if you truly believe in it.

Some people believe in the things that they don't wanted to see. They believe in failures, tragedy, crimes, bankruptcy, poverty and any other negative things. I don't know why they believe on those things even though they don't want it. Maybe it is because it is easier to believe in failing rather than succeeding, maybe it is because failing is easier and succeeding is harder.

March 21, 2017



March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017


Don't feel any regrets if you didn't succeed yet you train so hard for the past few months, I know it is hard to lose especially if you work hard and prepare a lot. If you didn't get the results that you are expecting, well at least you didn't look weak and unprepared because if you didn't train or prepare from the past then the result you get might be uglier or embarrassing. All of your preparations were useful and it helped you in some ways, you just don't see it because you lost.

Don't feel bad if you get the lowest passing grade in your exam because you burn your eye brows and study so hard for the last few weeks. If you didn't study so hard then probably you will never pass the exam, a lowest passing grade is already a reward and you get it by studying so hard so be proud of it. You put in the effort and your efforts were not wasted, it didn't go as you expected but still your preparation pay off.

Don't get frustrated if your business is not doing well even if you're working your ass off for 14 hours a day, at least it is still surviving, if you didn't spend 14 hours a day for your business then probably it is bankrupt now. Your efforts were not wasted because it is still surviving, don't ever think that you are working for nothing, just keep on grinding and soon your business will do well again. You're just frustrated because you are not earning a lot of money, you think that you are just wasting your time but the reality is not. If you didn't do it then your business will be dead by now.

If you keep on looking for a job and you can't find one, don't ever think that you're just wasting your time, money and energy. That effort has put you on the right path and it gives you momentum, your mind is already there, you just need to wait for a little more time. If you are not looking for a job then you will be out of tune, your rhythm will be focused on some other things that will make you even unemployed for longer years, the worse is you might become a bum forever. Not getting employed doesn't mean you're unemployed, it only means the right job is just waiting for you, it is just a matter of time before you see it so keep your hopes alive and never get drowned in frustration.

Most of you think that you are just wasting your time preparing, practicing, studying, looking, working and still you can't see the results that you are expecting. Always keep in mind that if you don't do all of those things then your situation now will be worse. Those efforts has keep you in the right path, those efforts has already given you results, it just happens that those results were not the ones you are expecting. If you didn't do all of those things then you will become stuck forever and you will have an uglier life.

March 21, 2017


This is a fun game and will bring you infinite amount of success if you keep on doing it. It is a slow process but will become fast in the end once you mastered it. It is slow but sure, it is not magical but proven and effective. ALWAYS CREATE ANOTHER ONE, after you finished something... create another one.

After finishing a single project and you earn pretty decent amount, look for another one, create another one, make it roll, make it active and progressing. Don't stop, don't relax... just keep creating another one.

After you've earned one thousand dollars or just a dollar... create another one, create another dollar, it will give you a very strong momentum, it will give you abundance. Always one, always another one. Not two, not three but just another one. Keep the ball rolling, keep the fire burning, it is the only way to create rapid success.... consistency and taking it one by one.

After building a small business and made it successful, try to create another one, try to create something that will make you successful again. The process is the same, it is just making the present one successful and building another one, this process is very simple, effective and will never make you broke. All you need to have is patience, dedication and belief that it will work. A lot of people wants to create a lot of business which made them unsuccessful because they cannot concentrate to one thing, they cannot divide their energies and time to different things that is why they go crazy and unmotivated.

After winning a single game, try to win another one. Don't look for winning a lot, don't look for winning streak or breaking records just focus on winning the next game. Don't think about the championship yet, just keep on collecting wins as much as you can. This kind of approach will make you live with the moment, it will make you enjoy the process. Just always look for one, just try to focus on one.

Same as finishing tasks, just focus on the present task and never think about doing something else other that what you're doing. If you want to finish everything all at once then you will go crazy and unmotivated. Always thinking about the big thing and not getting it will make you tired so fast.

The key here is to never transfer to another goal if you can't make the present goal successful, stick with your goal no matter what, you have a lot of time, you can make it succeed if you will just focus on it. And after being successful with it... you know what to do... create another one.

March 21, 2017


Focus on eating your own bread, never count other people's bread and compare it with yours. The reason why you can't become successful is because you always look at other people succeeding, you are counting their bread, you never count your own and appreciate your own. Their numbers is different than yours. They can have larger number of breads but that thing doesn't matter, what matters is you are eating your own bread and you also have bread.

You can only multiply your bread if you are focus on it and you never get jealous with other people. Jealousy creates negativity that will result to inactivity. You will stop taking actions if you are too busy watching other people succeeding and getting better than you. If you are looking at the outside then you are getting weaker on the inside, growth starts within you, you don't need to look for others to succeed.

It doesn't matter if their house is bigger or their cars are fancier. What matters is you can appreciate what you have and you are truly happy with your properties.

People who always compare can never become happy, it is because they cannot even look at their own possessions and become truly happy with it. They need someone or something to become happy, they need to beat someone to become happy, they don't know that happiness can be achieved anytime regardless of what you have, all you need to do is develop a mindset that no matter what happens to your life you are still blessed.

Be appreciative and that's it. Appreciate what you have and be satisfied with it, if you can make it grow then do it but if it is all you can have at the moment then just simply appreciate it and never get jealous with others.

March 21, 2017


Doing something is far way better than not doing anything at all. Action will kill all of your worries and fears while not doing anything will build doubts and fears. So if you want to have a peace of mind then do something, make sure it is positive and will make your position better. Don't do something stupid that will only make your situation worse. You know what is right and wrong and you know you can do it.

So if you are facing any kinds of troubles, may it be financially, physically or spiritually... just move. Take action, do something that will somehow give you a peace of mind. Being stuck in a place doing nothing will make you crazy. So it is better to keep moving and keep the ball rolling. Build a momentum, you will see positive things happening if you will move your ass and do what is necessary.

Life is simple if you will keep your body in motion, life is easy if you will do all of your responsibilities and face all the troubles in life. Action is the answer to any of your problems, as simple as that. You don't need to ask anyone what are you going to do, you already knew it, you are just pretending that you don't know it so you can delay taking actions and have more time procrastinating.

Come to think of it... if you are having a weight and health issues now, instead of worrying and wondering what to do to cut your weight... if you will just walk outside and stay walking for a couple of hours then you will feel a lot better. Yeah, you may not see immediate results yet, but what makes you feel better? is it walking or just sitting on your sofa eating some garbage foods?

Taking action will make you feel better about yourself, it will really make you feel good and accomplished. Whatever action that you can think of to improve your situation... do it, it is always right, every action is the right action. All of the pieces will sum up in the end, you will see that all you did are right and it is connected to one another.

March 21, 2017


People can say everything they want so don't get mad at them. If you're dreaming about something, if it is something big that is unrealistic... they will laugh at you and will put you down. Even your friends will not support you, even your family will demotivate you. It is what it is, you cannot convince them until you become successful.

It is not your duty to listen to them, argue with them and convince them that you are going to succeed. It is your job to simply take actions, make a little progress every now and then and become successful one day. It is your job to prove that your dream is possible and can be done. So just focus on taking actions and making improvement one day at a time.

Because if you will listen to those bums, if you will listen to those haters then you will never achieve your dreams. You will feel bad and that will keep you from taking actions. If you listen to them, you will doubt yourself, you will feel sorry for yourself for dreaming so big. Your belief will become weak, you will start to believe what they say and follow their orders, and by doing that... you will begin to lose power and will to carry on.

They can say that it is impossible because they can't even dream big or maybe they can dream but they can't even take actions, they were losers from the very beginning so never listen to them. If you can dream it you can achieve it, only if you take actions. So don't hold yourself back, taking actions is free, you can move anytime you want. You can create your own path and become successful one day.

Your job is to prove that it is possible, not to other people but only to yourself. Prove to yourself that you can do it, prove to yourself that you can climb the top of the mountain.

March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017


If you don't know that you are worrying your mind will keep on adding negative things into it. There is nothing wrong in worrying, it is normal because you're just a human but you should always be aware if you are worrying so that you can immediately stop it.

Because if you are totally controlled by your worries... you will be in an auto pilot mode, all of your actions will be negative or out of sync or sometimes you will not even take an action at all.

Once you learned that you are in a state of worrying... change that state immediately. Worrying will not help you, it will only make your situation worse. It is like a poison that is making your body weak and sick. It will freeze your body, it will suck your energy and make you look like a kid bitten by a poisonous snake whose body is completely immobilized. Your body parts will not work, your mind will produce thoughts that will only make the situation worse. All of your decisions were wrong and that is if you can even make a single decision. You were so scared and cannot execute a simple action.

Be aware if you are worrying so you can stop it immediately. Look at yourself and study how you feel, be honest with your feelings, don't pretend that you are not worrying. Be honest if you are scared because once you do that then you can get rid of your worries as fast as you can. Always think that you will not die so why worry? always think that everything is going to be alright and you can always make an adjustment if something goes wrong.

Worrying will only kill the happiness that you could have been experiencing now, so once you find yourself worrying... always look for happiness and that can be achieved by appreciating every moment and being thankful that you are still experiencing life.

March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017


Whatever big goal you have, whatever dreams you have... you have to do it now while your life is still normal, while fortune is still on your side and you have a lot of resources in life. Do it quick, do it fast, never hesitate and never look back.

Because you never know... I am not thinking negative, I am just telling some possibilities and reality. One day you might impregnate a woman or a family member got sick and you need to contribute big. If some unexpected event happened... you will have less time for your dreams. Your will be veered off from your original path and you will be forced to do other things that is not on your original plan.

A lot of people have big dreams but because they already have big responsibilities... they can't pursue their dream anymore, they were so focused on earning money to provide for their family and that is why they don't have time for their dreams anymore, they totally forget it and live the reality.

So while your life is still normal and you fully own your time... act now, pursue your dreams. Do what you wanted to do while there is no obstacles yet in your life. Never relax and think that everything will be alright and nothing will change. Life is very random, unexpected events may happen and if you are not ready for it... you will be in complete shock, you will panic and you will lose focus in your dreams.

It is better to act while your life is still comfortable than to act under pressure. You will become more creative if you are not panicking and less pressure on your shoulders. Don't ever think that you have a lot of time and you can relax for a moment because time is so fast. Yesterday you were just an elementary cry baby and look at you now... you're already a grown man ready to rule the world.

March 20, 2017


A lot of people can't accept that being successful requires a lot of time, effort and number of failures to achieve. They thought that a single step and little effort will make them successful, they were blinded by that idea that is why up to now they can't figure out how to become successful.

You can work hard, you can work all month long or all year long but still success is not guaranteed. For sure you will become successful if you keep doing your thing and never stop. But when success will come? I don't know, nobody knows. All you need to do is be consistent so that success will come into your house one day.

It is easier to fall than to rise because you can work all year and hope to become successful but just miss one day and for sure you will become a failure. Just like in dieting and cutting your weight, you can have a strict diet for months and still the cut weight is brutal, you are cutting your weight very slow but skip dieting for just one or two days and eat junk foods.... then your weight will go up again, you will become heavy again, just like that.

It takes a lot of fights to become a champion, sometimes it even takes forever to become one but just lose one fight and you're not a champion anymore. It is like a bubble that has been pricked.

It is what it is, you can't complain about it. You need to bring it on any given day, you need to be consistent because success is not a finish product, it is a commitment. If you want to become successful forever and stay on top... then you should work forever. The moment you stop doing what you're doing or take a long rest... it is all gone, everything you have will be gone, everything you work for will vanish. It is like climbing to the top of the mountain and the mud from the top is sliding down that makes your journey even harder.

It is very easy to fall, just rest for one week or one month doing nothing then you will already lose your momentum, you're on your way down to the bottom. It is very hard to stop your falter because going down is much fun than going to the top. You will just stop being disciplined, just drink all day, eat the wrong foods and stop doing the process then you're already a failure. Very easy, you don't even need to think about it.

So if you want to rise, if you want to become successful... accept that it is going to be hard and there will be a lot of set backs that you will experience. If you find yourself not getting stressed a little bit then it only means you are on your way to the bottom, it means you are going down. Having a very convenient life means you are setting yourself up to failure.