August 11, 2017


Sometimes you don't control the whole situation anymore, sometimes you will feel like there is a chance that you may fail or make mistakes, sometimes worry and fear will take over your mind. You're just a human being, you will feel weak, you will feel sick, you will feel like going crazy especially if bad things are happening into your life. Your hope will die, you will become a pessimist in just a blink of an eye.

But you have no choice but to keep going, you have no choice but to act strong because if you will not act brave... nothing will happen to you. The whole situation will devour you, you will be stunned and you will take things for granted that will lead to regrets in the end.

The best option is TO LET GO BUT STILL GIVE YOUR BEST. Let go of the control, let go of the fear, let go of the worries. Accept that you may fail but still give your best, accept any possibility but let moving forward and giving your best as your only option. Stop thinking and keep progressing. Feel free, don't let the worries chained you and stop you from making the right decisions in life.

Lear to adapt with what is going and destroy expectations. If thinking is not helping you then stop doing it. All you need to do is move and simply just live life.

Because giving your best will avoid you from worrying, it will lessen the fear, it will lessen the regrets in the end. You can face at the mirror and tell yourself "I did my best".

If it is yours it is yours, if you will win you will win. Stop thinking too much and just give your best to put yourself on the right position to succeed.

Nothing will happen to you if you will let worries and fear take over of your life, you will lose today once you let fear dominate your thoughts. So the best thing to do is just let go and give your best.

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