August 11, 2017


Put your mind on the sense of urgency once you got hit by a motivation or an inspiration. Once you got moved, once you feel something about an idea... do it, you need to execute it and keep it alive until you get enough momentum that will make you successful. Because anytime... that inspiration may die, you may forget it, you may do something else that you don't like that will only lead to a failure.

Inspiration comes once in a while, sometimes it is already there but you didn't notice it. Once something inspires you and you need to take action to make it real... take action, stop holding yourself back, stop stopping yourself. If you are inspired everything that you do is right. Everything will fall in the right place, and even if you make some mistakes... you will not notice it because you are enjoying what you're doing, you're taking inspired actions and that will make you become successful so fast.

Inspiration is like motivation, it will never last in your system for so long if you're not taking actions, you can only sustain it by taking consistent actions and keep moving forward. Whether an inspiration is big or small... execute it. It doesn't matter what the size is, you can make it big depending on the size of your belief. It is your hardwork and determination that will make an idea big.

A lot of people have an inspiration but they can't take actions that is why they end up being a failure. They were so hesitant, I am not afraid to admit that I am one of them but lately I am improving, once there is an urge to move, once I feel something about something.... I move and take actions and it gives me success, if not success it gives me a little bit of a momentum that leads to success.

If you got hit by an inspiration... don't think twice... make a decision and go all out, because that is the only way to avoid regrets... knowing that you give yourself an opportunity to become successful will never make you feel regretful in the end.

Because time is fast, you never know that you're too old, you will never notice that you've wasted a lot of time.

Have the courage to act right away and forget about making perfect results, forget about being successful fast. Just feel inspired taking small actions and let success come to you naturally.

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