August 11, 2017


Whether you admit it or not... the company you are working in is getting richer and richer while you are getting poorer and poorer especially if you don't have a good position or let's simply say... you have a low position that has no special future for the next five years. I know you want to have big money now, I know you want to elevate the status of your life now. But you need to be patient or else you will never go further. Big things doesn't need to be rushed, it needs time, it needs a lot of work and effort.


The answer is very simple... don't leave the company. If you are scared then nothing will happen to you, just work there for decades and feel happy getting decomposed day by day. But don't worry because you still have a chance, you what that is? cheat the company. It is not by stealing something or blackmailing your boss to give you some money. Cheat your company by using its facilities for your growth and development.

A lot of people wants to study something but they are full of shits and excuses. They keep on telling themselves that they don't have time, that they are working for 9 hours a day so they don't have time to study anymore. But if you are working for a company... let's say you're a clerk or something... there will always be free time, there will always be down times or unproductive times and you should take the opportunity to study for your own good.

Let's say for example you finished your job sooner than expected for that day... don't watch you tube, don't open your facebook account... read something on the internet that will give you growth, read something that will give you some money. Don't just waste your free time looking for something that will not  even give you some benefits. Of course the company wouldn't want you to grow too much they want you to stay with your work forever especially if you're good so you need to do your sneaking time secretly, study without letting anyone know what you're doing. That is what I did from the past so I was able to get a job that I love.

Another style is finishing your work quicker than your natural speed. Push yourself and make sure you have an hour or two to study what you need to study. Just make sure that your work is still good and it has no mistakes or else you will have problems in the end.

The conclusion is... use the time you have in the company for your hidden agenda, it is like your working and earning and at the same time you're learning new things that will put you on the best position to succeed. Just make sure your boss won't caught you or else you're in big trouble.

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