August 10, 2017


1. Buy some toys. Buy the toys that your mom can't afford before because their budget is so tight. You have the money now so try to at least remember a toy that you badly wanted when you're just a child. Once you bought it, play with it like a child, have some fun and sleep with it too.

2. Keep winning, compete. A child always wanted to win but they are never afraid to lose, they compete like they don't feel any pressure at all. You need to compete by just simply enjoying and not being afraid of the outcome. Compete with your officemates, compete with your neighbors but don't ever let them that you are competing, just make it a game and don't ever feel bad if you lose.

3. Watch some cartoons. Watch some Voltron or Voltes V, remember your favorite cartoon and have the childlike happiness while watching it. Watching cartoons will bring back the memories, it will make your memories fresh and you will feel so young.

4. Eat some ice cream. Eat ice cream on cone, let the ice cream melt in your hand, savor it, lick it like there's no more tomorrow. Eating ice cream will unleash the child in you, it will make you forget your problems for a while.

5. Play with children. Play with your child, niece or nephew. Absorb the energy of the children, they have strong and positive energy that will remind you that it is alright, that everything is just a game.

6. Forget your problems in one day. Every child doesn't think about problems, all they think about is how to have fun and how to live life. Just forget your problems and make solutions instead. You will be able to move easily if you will not think about your problems, you will have a childlike state of mind that will make you move freely and make decisions without hesitations.

7. Read some comics. Read some marvel comics or any comics that you know, it is fun, it will make you forget time, it will bring back the memories from the past and will give a different input to your brain, you will become creative, your imagination will fly like a child.

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