August 31, 2017


Very simple... you are not using the resources available for you. You have a lot of time but you are not using it properly to become successful. You are doing a lot of stupid things, you are engaging in too much stupidity. And then you will make an excuse that you don't have time for this and that, you will pretend that you are busy doing something but the truth is... you are only busy for your stupidity.

You have the support of your parents, they want to send you to school, they want to give everything to you but you are not utilizing that kind of support system. Instead you want the support of your "so called friends". You want their opinions, you want to please them. And in the end, when everything turns wrong... you will blame that your parents didn't give you everything you need, you will play the victim role again. What kind of an attitude was that?

You are dreaming of becoming a very good musician one day, you have the musical instruments yet you choose to do other unproductive things and where did that decision take you? and now you are making everyone believe that you didn't become successful because the music industry is so crowded. You have the resources, you have the time, you have the knowledge but you are not using what you have that is why you remain the same person as yesterday. The worse thing is you are even worse.

You are not thriving in life because you are unappreciative, you don't want to take matters into your own hands. You simply want everything but you don't want to work for it. You think that what you are getting is not enough.

And even if you don't have those resources in life... you still have the most important thing and that is your life. For as long as you are living you can do something, you can change your life, you can get everything you want and that is guaranteed if you have a vision and you keep working hard.

Stop complaining now, stop looking for what is missing because you can still use something, you can do something. It is about being creative and taking your optimistic approach to the highest level.

Look around you, there are lot of jobs, opportunities, things and people that might become an important element for your success. Use everything around you, use all of your time and energy for become something.

August 31, 2017


If you want to become successful, if you want to change your life, if you want to see a different results... accept everything. Do everything that will change your life, it doesn't matter if it is difficult or easy. You shouldn't categorize any kind of work whether if it is easy or difficult because you need to do everything that will make your position better.

If it is easy... do it, if it is difficult... still do it. Don't be a picky son of a bitch who all wants is an easy work or easy life. Remember that every work that you put in will accumulate in the end. Every work that you did has a purpose and it will contribute to your success.

Because if you really want it then you will do everything you can. You will not even notice what is easy or difficult because you just want to get it. You will just move, you will never feel the fatigue, you will never be scared to take actions because you are blinded of what you want.

A lot of people fail, a lot of people can't stay with the game because they always though that it is difficult. They don't even try to go further.

If you really want it then the impossible will look possible, you will do whatever it takes, you will make no room for excuses.

So go ahead and pursue what you want, it doesn't matter if it is easy or difficult. Just give your best and keep going.

Because at the end of the day, when it's all said and done... people will only recognize you for what you did and not for the difficult steps that you conquer.

August 27, 2017


If you want to see your future, you have to see where you are now. You have to honestly admit if you are succeeding or you're just bumming around. What you do now is your future, as simple as that. You are creating your future with what you're doing in the present moment. You can predict your future by looking at your actions. You can create your future by choosing what actions you need to execute in order to get the future that you want.

If you're doubting yourself now then your future will be full of doubts. If you believe in yourself now then your future will be full of hope. Your future is your present moment, as simple as that. What you feel now will be your future so you better feel good now and do the right thing so your future will be bright. Look at those excuse makers and complainers... no matter how hard they try, they can't win. It is simply because they hate their present moment and that is why they are hating even more on their future.

If you want to see your future and see it the right way... you better see yourself now and always be aware of what you're doing, thinking and feeling.

If you are working super hard now then your future will be easy, you will become very successful... very simple, very logical, you will get a lot of rewards in the future. The more you sacrifice in the present, the more you will get rewards in the future. So don't feel sorry for yourself if you're not too much having fun because you're working a lot, just put in your mind that you are doing it to make your future brighter and brighter.

Don't think about getting lucky, don't think about relaxing and hoping that one day you are still going to make it. That is not how to create a very good future. Just grind now, stick with it for a long time and then wait until success comes into your life.

August 26, 2017


If you want to become more and more confident... make a lot of mistakes. Make as many mistakes as you can and try to learn from them. It's like gathering a lot of experiences and learning a lot from those experiences. It is like leveling up everytime you fail, it is like playing a video game over and over again until you became great at it and finish it.


You're just a human being and you are allowed to make mistakes. If you commit one... just forget about it and do something that will make you one step closer to your goal. If you have a goal then making mistakes will never make you feel bad because you want to achieve your goal, you will keep on going even if you're having a hard time, even if people are doubting you or laughing at you. You just don't care because you are single minded and all you care about is winning. Having a goal is like having a license to make mistakes. 

Making a lot of mistakes will make your skin thick. It will make you realize that it is not a big deal to get embarrassed or get humiliated. You will not care about your reputation anymore because you will think that you have nothing to lose, you will think that your reputation has already been destroyed a lot of times before so what is left there to lose?

So if you are not confident now... make a lot of mistakes, don't be afraid to fail over and over again. Don't be afraid to take all the blame because at the end of the day... it is the one who is willing to take the blame that will own the game. It is the one who is willing to lose that will thrive and shine in the end. 

So risk everything, don't be afraid to lose everything... that is when you will feel total freedom, that is when you will see the other side of you that is ready to embrace what is infront of you. 

August 25, 2017


Because if you will not believe then it's game over for you. The level of your belief is the level of action that you can take. If you will not believe then you will never take any action, you will never try to win anymore even if you can do it. Even if you still have small amount of energy in your body... if you will not believe then you will never try to win anymore, you will never give yourself a chance to become successful even if the odds were still in your favor.

So if you want to have a good life, if you want to become successful... BELIEVE! Believe that it will happen, believe that you can somehow manage to pass through. It is easy to believe, just fix your mind and do what is necessary. Don't ever change your mindset even if things go wrong.

August 24, 2017


Who do you think you are to quit? do you think you have another chance? do you think you are entitled of acting like you have a million chance available? Are you a millionaire already? did you achieve a lot of things? who you are to quit? you don't have a name yet, you haven't done any significant amount of success yet so keep going.

You are nothing so you don't have the right to quit. Quitting is for losers, pushing is for winners, which side do you want to go?

You are so sensitive and emotional that is why you can't keep going. You're so fragile and thinking about comfort too much. Well let me tell you this... comfort is for the weak. Comfort is for the losers, if you really wanted to win then you must be able to embrace discomfort and keep going until you win.

You don't have any name yet, you're not popular yet, you're not rich yet and successful yet so don't ever think about quitting and just keep moving. You don't have the luxury to rest so stop acting like you're entitled to get a little bit comfortable.

Moving forward is all you need. Whether you are slow, fast or not getting any results... you need to move forward. Even if you're struggling or going down... you still need to move forward and do what you need to do. Because if you will stop and take a rest... you will lose control, you will get lost and you will never be able to find your way back.

So keep the momentum going, keep progressing even if you feel like you're not progressing. Just do something about your situation and stop thinking about quitting.

Remember that you haven't done anything great yet so you don't have the right to quit. All you can do is try again and nothing more than that. Keep working until you become a winner, keep pushing until you become victorious.

August 23, 2017


Everything is now, everything is happening now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Past is irrelevant, you should be thinking about now only if you want to have a better life. Because if you will think about the past... you will only feel bad, you will only feel regrets, you will see what is lacking in your life.

Don't also think about the future, you will only entertain worries if you think about it, just enjoy the moment and do your best... that is the best think that you can do. You should lock yourself in with the present moment and never think about what could happen next.

If you did a lot of shits from the past, if you become scared from the past and take a lot of things for granted.... let go of your past, don't think about it. Just think about what you have at the moment, appreciate life even more and never entertain any thoughts that won't even help you.

Appreciate the now no matter how you feel. Even if your situation is really hard and painful... it will only get better if you will appreciate the now. Because you cannot change what is happening to you if you will not live in the now. If you will hope for another better situation, if you will dream about change... you will not be able to get it if you will not face what is happening to you. Accept the pain even if it is painful, accept the worse situation even if it is tearing your apart.

Because when everything is alright... you will somehow miss all the challenges that you faced, you will also miss the struggles that made your a better person.

If you can be alright with what is happening in your life even if it is so bad... you can change your situation so fast, you can easily turn things around and find better opportunities that will give you freedom and better feelings.

Even if you are happy now... take it slow, don't think about being happy again tomorrow, just fully engage on what is happening with your life because that is how to live life.

August 12, 2017


I know it's hard to believe that you're going to make it. I know it seems impossible to find a solution but the truth is... what you need will be given to you if you keep on hanging on and keep on taking positive actions.

Everything that you need is there, you'll just need to look for it and work for it. Because it will never come if you will just wait and do nothing about it.

All you have to do is keep moving forward. Do something that will put you on a better position and that's it. It looks hard but the truth is it is easy. Don't be afraid to take actions, don't be afraid to look for solutions. Because if you will just think about your problems then it will become bigger and bigger.


Because in every problems or challenges there is always a matched solution. Is there a problem that can kill you? is there a challenge that you can't overcome if you fight and do your best? you are stronger than what you think. All you have to do is believe in yourself that you will never fail. All you have to do is call that courage that is hiding inside of you and use it anytime you feel fear.

Just take baby steps and never stop, there is always a way. Solutions will never ran out, always think positive and just be excited with the process.

Look around, there are solutions everywhere. You can do a lot of things, it will never be over until it's over.

If you know you that you will never fail then you will never fail. So strengthen your belief system and do what's best for your life. You have to do what you have to do, never give up and never stop.

August 11, 2017


If you will own it... the world is always yours. You can be anything, you can have anything. The world is yours. Just be confident, work hard and that's it. You don't need to complicate anything, just have one direction and that is moving forward.

It's ok to feel fear, it's always ok if you are shaken a little bit, what matters is you keep doing your thing and doing it as fast as you can. No looking at your back, no looking backwards, just keep pushing and go as far as you can. Use all of your strength to get what you want, never worry, just embrace what is going on and never think about losing. Because losing is not an option, losing should never across into your mind if you want to win. Erase the doubts, just move and do what you can do at the moment with all of your strength.

The world is yours, no one can steal it from you, no one can claim it other than you. It's just a matter of mindset, it's just a matter of wanting it so bad and doing whatever it takes to have it.

Don't settle for less... ever, there is so much you can do and have if you will put your mind on the right position.

August 11, 2017


Whether you admit it or not... the company you are working in is getting richer and richer while you are getting poorer and poorer especially if you don't have a good position or let's simply say... you have a low position that has no special future for the next five years. I know you want to have big money now, I know you want to elevate the status of your life now. But you need to be patient or else you will never go further. Big things doesn't need to be rushed, it needs time, it needs a lot of work and effort.


The answer is very simple... don't leave the company. If you are scared then nothing will happen to you, just work there for decades and feel happy getting decomposed day by day. But don't worry because you still have a chance, you what that is? cheat the company. It is not by stealing something or blackmailing your boss to give you some money. Cheat your company by using its facilities for your growth and development.

A lot of people wants to study something but they are full of shits and excuses. They keep on telling themselves that they don't have time, that they are working for 9 hours a day so they don't have time to study anymore. But if you are working for a company... let's say you're a clerk or something... there will always be free time, there will always be down times or unproductive times and you should take the opportunity to study for your own good.

Let's say for example you finished your job sooner than expected for that day... don't watch you tube, don't open your facebook account... read something on the internet that will give you growth, read something that will give you some money. Don't just waste your free time looking for something that will not  even give you some benefits. Of course the company wouldn't want you to grow too much they want you to stay with your work forever especially if you're good so you need to do your sneaking time secretly, study without letting anyone know what you're doing. That is what I did from the past so I was able to get a job that I love.

Another style is finishing your work quicker than your natural speed. Push yourself and make sure you have an hour or two to study what you need to study. Just make sure that your work is still good and it has no mistakes or else you will have problems in the end.

The conclusion is... use the time you have in the company for your hidden agenda, it is like your working and earning and at the same time you're learning new things that will put you on the best position to succeed. Just make sure your boss won't caught you or else you're in big trouble.

August 11, 2017


It is your thoughts that will mold your life, it is what will shape your future and destiny. The truth is... people have the choice to choose what thoughts that will give them a better life but they choose not to do it. They entertain negative thoughts, sometimes I wonder if our thoughts was really default to negative. But anyway, you still have the choice to entertain what kind of thoughts you want, you still have the power to manage your thoughts to attract a better life.


If you choose negative thoughts then negativity will come to your life but if you choose positive thoughts then positive situations will enter your life, as simple as that. So destroy worries and fear now, stop thinking about the future. And even if your situation is really bad... you still have the option to choose positive thoughts. Don't let what is going on fool you, it is not your real life, it is just a challenge. Your real life will happen once you entertain positive thoughts and take positive actions.


Thoughts are playful but don't let it play you. You can control it, just be aware of what thoughts are playing inside of your head. If it is negative then shift it into positive, if it is positive then amplify it even more. Play with your thoughts if you can, don't let it play you nor control you.


Any thought that is making you feel bad... get rid of it. Any thought that is building worries... destroy it. Only choose the thoughts that will make you feel better and think clearer. Avoid unwanted thoughts because it will only make your situation worse. Focus on the thoughts that will give you power and motivation. Choose the thoughts that will make life easier for you.

August 11, 2017


Sometimes you don't control the whole situation anymore, sometimes you will feel like there is a chance that you may fail or make mistakes, sometimes worry and fear will take over your mind. You're just a human being, you will feel weak, you will feel sick, you will feel like going crazy especially if bad things are happening into your life. Your hope will die, you will become a pessimist in just a blink of an eye.

But you have no choice but to keep going, you have no choice but to act strong because if you will not act brave... nothing will happen to you. The whole situation will devour you, you will be stunned and you will take things for granted that will lead to regrets in the end.

The best option is TO LET GO BUT STILL GIVE YOUR BEST. Let go of the control, let go of the fear, let go of the worries. Accept that you may fail but still give your best, accept any possibility but let moving forward and giving your best as your only option. Stop thinking and keep progressing. Feel free, don't let the worries chained you and stop you from making the right decisions in life.

Lear to adapt with what is going and destroy expectations. If thinking is not helping you then stop doing it. All you need to do is move and simply just live life.

Because giving your best will avoid you from worrying, it will lessen the fear, it will lessen the regrets in the end. You can face at the mirror and tell yourself "I did my best".

If it is yours it is yours, if you will win you will win. Stop thinking too much and just give your best to put yourself on the right position to succeed.

Nothing will happen to you if you will let worries and fear take over of your life, you will lose today once you let fear dominate your thoughts. So the best thing to do is just let go and give your best.

August 11, 2017


Put your mind on the sense of urgency once you got hit by a motivation or an inspiration. Once you got moved, once you feel something about an idea... do it, you need to execute it and keep it alive until you get enough momentum that will make you successful. Because anytime... that inspiration may die, you may forget it, you may do something else that you don't like that will only lead to a failure.

Inspiration comes once in a while, sometimes it is already there but you didn't notice it. Once something inspires you and you need to take action to make it real... take action, stop holding yourself back, stop stopping yourself. If you are inspired everything that you do is right. Everything will fall in the right place, and even if you make some mistakes... you will not notice it because you are enjoying what you're doing, you're taking inspired actions and that will make you become successful so fast.

Inspiration is like motivation, it will never last in your system for so long if you're not taking actions, you can only sustain it by taking consistent actions and keep moving forward. Whether an inspiration is big or small... execute it. It doesn't matter what the size is, you can make it big depending on the size of your belief. It is your hardwork and determination that will make an idea big.

A lot of people have an inspiration but they can't take actions that is why they end up being a failure. They were so hesitant, I am not afraid to admit that I am one of them but lately I am improving, once there is an urge to move, once I feel something about something.... I move and take actions and it gives me success, if not success it gives me a little bit of a momentum that leads to success.

If you got hit by an inspiration... don't think twice... make a decision and go all out, because that is the only way to avoid regrets... knowing that you give yourself an opportunity to become successful will never make you feel regretful in the end.

Because time is fast, you never know that you're too old, you will never notice that you've wasted a lot of time.

Have the courage to act right away and forget about making perfect results, forget about being successful fast. Just feel inspired taking small actions and let success come to you naturally.

August 10, 2017


1. Buy some toys. Buy the toys that your mom can't afford before because their budget is so tight. You have the money now so try to at least remember a toy that you badly wanted when you're just a child. Once you bought it, play with it like a child, have some fun and sleep with it too.

2. Keep winning, compete. A child always wanted to win but they are never afraid to lose, they compete like they don't feel any pressure at all. You need to compete by just simply enjoying and not being afraid of the outcome. Compete with your officemates, compete with your neighbors but don't ever let them that you are competing, just make it a game and don't ever feel bad if you lose.

3. Watch some cartoons. Watch some Voltron or Voltes V, remember your favorite cartoon and have the childlike happiness while watching it. Watching cartoons will bring back the memories, it will make your memories fresh and you will feel so young.

4. Eat some ice cream. Eat ice cream on cone, let the ice cream melt in your hand, savor it, lick it like there's no more tomorrow. Eating ice cream will unleash the child in you, it will make you forget your problems for a while.

5. Play with children. Play with your child, niece or nephew. Absorb the energy of the children, they have strong and positive energy that will remind you that it is alright, that everything is just a game.

6. Forget your problems in one day. Every child doesn't think about problems, all they think about is how to have fun and how to live life. Just forget your problems and make solutions instead. You will be able to move easily if you will not think about your problems, you will have a childlike state of mind that will make you move freely and make decisions without hesitations.

7. Read some comics. Read some marvel comics or any comics that you know, it is fun, it will make you forget time, it will bring back the memories from the past and will give a different input to your brain, you will become creative, your imagination will fly like a child.

August 10, 2017


Most of us were wasting a lot of days, we let it pass by and taking it for granted. We never make it a masterpiece, everyday can be turned into a masterpiece if we will just do our best and push ourselves to the limits.

Make everyday an epic, you can do it by looking for what you can do and using all of your power to do it. Do more, don't hold yourself back. Look for what is possible. It doesn't matter if ti becomes a messy day. A messy day is better than a lazy day.

Because you never know if you will still open your eyes tomorrow. Random things may happen, it's not about being negative, it's about celebrating life and not taking any second for granted.

Make this day a day to remember by pushing yourself. Do the things that you are afraid to do. Show love to your love ones, say sorry to your enemies, start your dream even if you have a long way to go.

Don't be scared to get tired, don't be scared to embrace the randomness of life. Try something new, try to experiment, try to become super creative. Creativity is all about creating, it is very simple, don't make it complicated.

Fake happiness if you need to, pretend that you're happy so you will become really happy. It's all about conditioning your mind and entertaining thoughts that are healthy and helpful.

You can make a day worth remembering even if there is no occasion, you can become very happy even if it is not Christmas or New year, you can even make a bad day worth remembering. You can make a bad day epic by changing your perspective and working super hard. Never waste a day being lazy and focusing on stress, just enjoy your work and gain a little bit progress and that's it.

August 09, 2017


DON'T THINK. Just do what is needed, do what will make you happy and will put you on a better position in life... that is how to own your mind.

I know you want to do a lot of things, I know you want to become something but you can't do it because your mind is stopping you. Your mind is always wandering and thinking about different things. It is thinking about the future, different people and all the problems that are small but you are treating big.

If there is something you need to do right now... do it, that is how to own your mind. Minimize its capacity to think, don't let it worry, don't let it think about the problems... just move and enjoy what you're doing.

Focus on your own growth, make sure what you're thinking and doing has connection to your growth, if not... don't dwell on it.

Owning your mind means focusing on yourself, you lessen the outside influences and noise, you amplify the more meaningful things... the things that will give you success and happiness. You don't care about what people say, you don't care about what others do, you just focus on what is useful to your life and you keep on improving everyday. You have this stable energy and confidence that will never rattle when things turn bad. You don't care about small discomfort that doesn't need to be deal with.

If you can own your mind then you will have a wonderful life, you can turn things around and any problems you will experience will feel like nothing. You will be in control of your emotions, you will be in control of everything that revolves around your life.

August 09, 2017


If your life sucks right now it only means there are lot of things that you shouldn't do. It means you have a lot of unproductive activities in your life, it only means you're not focused and you are full of shits. It means you are prioritizing activities that will not even contribute to your growth or progress.

If you want to change your life then you should guard yourself and all of your activities. Eliminate everything that you know is destroying your life. Find the activities that you honestly believe that are not serving you and making you grow.

You can't focus on doing the right things because you are doing a lot of things that are very addictive but not helpful. Once you stop those bad habits then you will do the right things naturally. You will be on the right direction.

So focus on stopping first before doing anything else. Stop procrastinating, stop wasting time, stop playing too much, stop focusing on other people's lives, stop gossiping, stop everything that will slow you and blocking you from taking actions, as simple as that. You can only take right actions if you will stop the wrong actions first.

August 09, 2017


What most of you people don't know is you can always say NO, you can always say no to something you don't like especially if the offer will not do any good to your life. There is no harm in saying no, you will not die saying it. Saying NO is normal so you should say it often as you can to improve your life and put yourself on a better position. Reject somebody if needed, say no to something that will not serve you.

Saying no is free yet a lot of people can't say it. They are so scared to offend someone, the reality is... you are not hurting someone because you say no, a person who gets it is the one who's hurting himself because he can't accept rejection. Only sensitive people will be hurt if they get an answer no. They thought that they deserve something and they want an answer yes, they can't accept the rejection, they feel that you did them something wrong.

Saying no is a good thing, if you can say it even if you are scared then your confidence is starting to develop, it means you have the courage to stand for your decision and embrace what other people might tell you. You know your rights and you know what is best for you.

Because sometimes.. saying know is the very best option for you. Don't be afraid to humiliate or reject somebody. It is not your intention to hurt them, you are just choosing what is best for you and what you really like. Saying No is free, a lot of people thought that they are not free to do that, they thought that they have to pay something just to say no.

Saying no is only difficult in the beginning once you get familiar of saying it... you can say NO to anyone, anytime. Because you have the right to say it, you have the right to choose what is best for you. If saying yes will hurt you then don't say it.

Those people who can say no are courageous, the are not part of the YES man society.

Because you will always be abused if you keep on saying yes, you will lose your confidence, you will be an accessory of a particular agenda.

So starting today... if you want to say no, say it.

August 09, 2017


You can dominate by using less, you don't need to have more. You can have less resources, less support, less skills but still dominate. It's all about how hard you work and how passionate you are. It's all about repetition and being very good at one thing. Because if you keep repeating something... you will reach a different level that is very hard to ignore, once you become an expert on a particular area... success will come to you.

Because the truth is... you don't need a lot, you don't need a lot of things, a lot of support or a lot of knowledge... YOU NEED A LOT OF ACTION.

You can have all those nice shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes but if you are not preparing everyday then those shoes were useless, you can impress people by wearing nice and branded shoes but once they saw your poor skills... they will just laugh at you and will even call you a joke. But if you just have one shoe and your work ethic is on a different level... you can dominate the competition.

You can have a lot of musical instruments, you can have the nicest guitars, drumset and keyboards but if you're not even touching them then those musical instruments are useless.

But if all you have is a rusty guitar and a desire to become great then you will become great. Keep practicing everyday and you will be able to dominate the music industry. You can attract success by working a lot and not by having a lot.

Look at those people who have large support, who are spoiled by their parents... they never become successful because they have everything in life, it's hard for them to become hungry and motivated because they knew that there is a helping hand who will catch them everytime they fall.

Having less in your life will make you hungry, it will make you motivated and determined to reach a level of success that will make your life more comfortable. You don't need a lot to become successful. All you need is an undying passion to work hard everyday and use all the skills that you have.

You can become successful by being simple, it's not about the volume of resources or knowledge you have, it's all about being creative and being able to move fast to devour the opportunities presented infront of you. Just utilize what you have and you can have everything you want to have.

August 08, 2017


These words are heavy and the moment you hear them... you feel like already giving up, you feel like throwing up because you know that they were accustomed with a lot of effort. You know that you will get tired and uncomfortable. But you must learn to love these words and apply it into your life if you really want to succeed.

1. Hustle. You don't care if it is hard, you don't care if you need to work for so long, you don't even care if you're already working 24 hours a day. You hustle and hustle until your produce the results that you wanted. Keep hustling keep shining.

2. Grind. I don't know what's the difference between hustle and grind but all I know is both words means a lot of work and effort. Grind all day, hustle all day... nothing sounds different, all you need to do is work. Embrace the grind and you will find.

3. Perseverance. Even if it is painful already, even if you feel like quitting, even if you're already too much frustrated and it seems like nothing right is going on... you still need to keep going. That is what perseverance is all about... working hard, pushing through and never giving up even if there area no more chances of winning. Because you will find a way if you never give up, the close curtains will open again.

4. Patience. Sometimes you need to wait but that doesn't mean you will only wait. You also need to work while waiting, you still need to push but don't get depressed when results are not showing. Be patient to keep trying and improving yourself, be patient to solve your problems one by one, be patient to discover the process that will give you a progress. Remember that patience is a virtue, a lot of people can't make it in life not because they don't have the skills but they don't have patience.

5. Failing. The word failing is a bitter pill to swallow. Nobody is immune to failure. But if you keep on failing over and over again without losing your enthusiasm then for sure you will become successful one day. It is just a matter of time before you become successful. Fall in love with failing because you will learn a lot of things from it.

6. Rejection. It's like failing but this is just the lighter version, you will be rejected before you even try. People will not give you a chance. But you have to surpass the feeling that rejection gives you in order to try again. You will become tougher through rejection, you will have a thick skin, you will no longer fear being rejected because it is normal to you. You will become very dangerous because you are no longer afraid to try things that will give you success.

7. Repetition. Falling in love with repetition will make you a genius, you will become great. Yes, the word repetition is heavy and you feel like you're on a rat race but you're not. Everytime you repeat something.. you become faster on it, you become greater on it. Just repeat over and over again until you become successful, enough of the complains just repeat until you reach the finish line.

August 07, 2017


1. Don't be needy for an attention. Don't do the things that are not connected to the real you just to get attention from other people. You will become more attractive if you're not making yourself look like a crook. Just be natural and just go with the flow, don't make looking for an attention as your goal. Just speak when you need to, just take actions that you really want to and make your timing a genuine timing. The reason why people can't get attention from other people is because they want it badly, if you will not be needy of any attention then people will start to recognize you. You will have fans, you will have supporters. So stop proving yourself because if you know yourself then there is nothing else to prove.

2. Be yourself. It's hard to be yourself but once you mastered it... you will achieve true happiness, you will look attractive to a lot of people because you will become super confident. You will feel loose and creative. You will release a very strong energy that will catch the attention of people. The key here is just do what you are good at, don't be afraid of what people say, don't be defensive and just enjoy living. Use your talents, use you skills, use everything you can use to rise to the top. Don't stop yourself from expressing yourself.

3. Infuse pain in your life. Infuse pain that has benefits in the future. Pain in passion, pain in exercise, pain in building your brand. Pain will make you grow and if people are seeing you growing... they will like you, you will become an interesting person. They will ask you how you did it and of course you will put on a humble smile but deep inside you are proud of yourself.

4. Be the best in something. Whether it is about opening bottles with your fingers or teeth... be the best at it. Whether it is about playing an unknown musical instrument... make yourself really good at it. People wants someone who is really good, they love greatness, if you're great at something... you will standout and become attractive. That is why there are lot of not so good looking musicians who were dating hot chicks... they were great and that makes them really attractive.

August 07, 2017


A lot of people out there in the market will tell you the secrets on how to become this and how to become that. They will fool you and just get your money. They will hypnotize you with their flowery words only to find out that they are really not helping you. There is no secret in everything, you have to discover it, you have to work really hard to produce results. Don't expect to just learn something in one night and your life will already change. If they really wanted to help you then they will not ask for payment, they will reveal their so called "secrets" and change your bum life right away. But how come they were so secretive? they will ask you to buy chapter one then after that chapter 2 and so on. They will keep on milking your money like a cow and then what happened? you will find your self on the same place again. You will laugh at yourself because you didn't change at all.

The real secret is to don't look for the secret... DISCOVER IT by yourself. You don't need a guru or an instructor, you can get it done by yourself if you will work hard enough and give your life into what you are pursuing.

Create your own journey, the key here is to be patient and move as fast as you can. Once you made a decision... go all out, set yourself on fire and never stop until you discover what you needed in life.

HOW TO BECOME RICH, HOW TO BECOME HEALTHY, HOW TO BECOME ATTRACTIVE ETC... these are bullshits to be honest. Stop buying these products because they will not help you. You can only become happy by moving and pushing yourself. A help that will ask for your money is not a real help, it is only making your situation worse. You will listen to them for a few hours, you will invest on their bullshits but those time that you use on their products can be use for actions that will make you a better person. Don't waste time on their products, use your time for yourself. Try things that you think will give you improvement, you can discover it by yourself by simply working hard and taking chances.

Coach yourself and save your money for some other things that are more important. Remember that there is no such thing as secret, you need to discover it by yourself.

August 07, 2017


Facing your problems is the only way to solve it. You can stay away from it, you can ignore it but it will not be over until you face it like a real man and do whatever you can to solve it. It is not fun pretending like you don't care about your problems because it will only get bigger and bigger. You may act like it is ok but you will feel badder and badder each day because it will never leave your conscience, it will never leave you until you deal with it and do something about it. It will play on your mind over and over again until you get crazy.

But if you will face your problems then you will feel good, it is even fun because it's just like facing a challenge. It's like finishing a hard video game and finding a way how to get through it.

Once you have a problem.. face it, face it right away and don't hide from it. There is a benefit that you will get from facing it... you will get tougher, you will be good in finding solutions, you will have a mental toughness that is on a different level. You will become a totally different person, someone who is better and smarter. Because you can only get better by facing your problems, it will not kill you, it can only make you stronger by giving you a stress that is not impossible to deal with.

And once you solved your problem... you feel good right? you feel that a thorn was remove from your throat, you feel like a newborn baby ready to face the world with open arms. You feel like you get stronger and wiser. Unlike when you're not dealing with your problems... you are so stressed, you are so worried and you feel like dying.

A lot of people go crazy not because they can't solve their problems but because they don't deal with it. They think about it, worry about it and let it destroy their minds. You will become a psycho if you don't deal with your problems, it will kill you little by little so while you are still in on a right state of mind... deal with it now before it's too late.

August 06, 2017


What is your belief? how much do you believe it? do you really believe it? or do you just somehow believe it? Because a belief is useless if you don't fully believe on it, a belief has no power or impact if you have some doubts or little worries.

If you believe in something, you must use it, you must apply that belief into your life and let it take you to some place you've never seen before, let it be your guide, let it be your shining light.

A single belief paired with hardwork can create something big, all you have to do is keep believing and working everyday. Don't stop, don't settle, just keep pushing and believing. Because the moment you stop believing is also the moment you start failing. Even if your belief is not realistic... if your faith is so strong then it will become true one day.

Your belief can take you to any places and any dream you want for as long as you trust it and hang on to it. You should not let it go away or fade a little bit. Hang on with your belief and find a way how to make it stronger and stronger each day.

Your belief can make you anything for as long as you never doubt it even if things went wrong. Your belief is your only key to success so nurture it and protect it everyday.

You don't even need to test your belief if it is true. Just ride along with it and amplify the feelings that you feel on it. Feed it, enlarge it, make it powerful as much as you can.

You will only know how far your belief can take you if you keep on believing it.

August 06, 2017


You have to realize that what you're doing now is all bullshit before you can change. If you don't think that it's bullshit then keep doing it but if you sense and realize that it's not doing you any good then you must stop it now and do something else productive.

What you're doing now will be your future, it will be your future life. It can give you results later or just a little bit of momentum.

You must learn how to control yourself and force yourself to do things that you don't want to do that are profitable or has rewards in the end because if you will still remain as the same person as yesterday... good luck to you, you will never achieve what you want in life.

You are still pretending that you are alright, you are still pretending that it's all good and you can make everything right tomorrow or next day. But how many tomorrows will you waste? when will you really change? when will you give time for yourself?

You're not afraid of anything, you're just afraid to move and take actions. You're just so afraid to fail and get embarrassed. You have to remove those bullshit thoughts if you want a dramatic improvement in your life.

Take it one step at time, keep the slow pace because change is not to be forced, it is to be endured. You can change one step at a time, you don't need to do it fast because doing it fast will only make you frustrated.

But first you need to realize that the activity you are engaging now with is all bullshit. Accept that it will do no good into your life, accept that you have to stop it even if it is hard. Because if you will keep on doing what you're doing... you will die for nothing.

August 06, 2017


You don't know your real power and that is why you haven't got that far yet.  You think you are weak, you think you can only do minimal things. Or maybe you just don't believe in yourself that much or maybe you're just too lazy.

You can even work for 16 hours a day, there is nothing wrong with that because resting is the same as working, your time will pass, you will get older, another day will just pass. There is no big difference, the only advantage of working is you will get results but it is the same as not working because just like I said... you still spend your time, there is nothing you can do to stop time. But if you know how powerful you are... of course you will choose working because you would love to know how far can you go.

You're not that slow, your speed can still increment even if you are old. There are even some you ones who were slower than you. You can speed up if you want to do more but the problem is you want to settle for less and that is why you are getting less. You were so entertained by the media that doesn't serve you at all. Your mind is so consumed by the weakness that the entire world thought you.


There's only one way to do that and that is to push yourself to the limits. And if you already reached your limit... keep pushing, don't stop until you discover how powerful you are. Because the truth is... you can always move fast but you choose to become slow, you can always do more but you choose to do less. The one who is willing to go further is the one who will succeed.

It's time to test yourself, discover how powerful you are, how far can you go. Only fear can stop you, the fear of getting tired, the fear of failing... those fears should be eliminated.

The more you get older the more you get weaker so don't ever waste time, use every second to realize how powerful you are and how big you can be.