July 07, 2017


You know what? your ship will still sail no matter what happens so don't worry, don't be scared of different things that might happen or happening. Because it is up to you, it is really up to you if you still want to make your ship move. Nobody can make you move other than yourself, it is your decision if you will keep sailing or not. Nothing can stop you if you have the iron will to finish what you've started.

Even if your friends leave you because you're good no more, your ship will still sail. You can still move, you can still go. Even if they leave you, even if everybody leaves you, if you decided to not stop then you will not stop. They don't have your hands and legs, they don't have your brain, they don't have your decision making skills so they don't matter. You can still pursue your goal even if there is no single friend on your side. 

Even if your parents doesn't support you. Because your dreams were so unrealistic or maybe because you didn't follow the original plan of your parents, yours ship can still sail. You can still move forward, I know it hurts because your parents are not supporting you because you have a wild dream but the truth is... you can always move forward even if you're feeling bad, you can always do something for your life and follow your own dreams. 

Even if you fail a lot of times. Again, nobody can stop you other than you, even if you fail a million times... if your dedication and commitment is still there, your ship will keep on sailing. Those number of failures will feel like nothing, it will not even make you feel unmotivated because your willingness to win is still there, your ship will move towards its destination and nothing can stop it. Failure is nothing, it is not even a needle mover for you. 

Even if you got sick or injured. Pain is nothing, if you really want to move forward then you will. Your ship will always sail, even if it is only making a little progress... the good news is it is still sailing. No excuses can destroy your momentum, no unfortunate events can stop you. If you really want to move forward then you will be able to move forward, as simple as that.

The decision is always yours, no matter what happens... your ship will keep on sailing if you command it, the logic is very simple... just do whatever you can to change your position. The power is in your hands, you are the captain of your own ship, no excuses and no circumstances can every stop you. 

If your ship stops... it means you are the one who stop yourself, it means you're a quitter and you let unfortunate events get the best of you.You can always make your dreams move, it is just a matter of deciding to move and that's it.

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