July 04, 2017


Let's face it... everyone wants the finish line, they don't want to undergo the process. If they are sick they want to get better right away. If they are poor they want to get rich right away, if they are fat they want to get fit right away, if they are broke they want to escape that rut without working for it. People wants the destination and not the journey. What they don't know is the beauty of life is in the journey and not on the destination. Look at the those rich people when they made it... it looks like they're not that happy, they want more, they want to get more that is why they are still working hard. It simply means that happiness is on the process and not on the success. And even if you don't want to accept it, even if you just want to reach the end of the line... how can you get there without processing the process? you have no choice but to enjoy the journey if you want to change your destination.

If a doctor told you that you only have 2 months to live, will you accept it? some people will believe the doctors and will not do anything with their situation that is why they really die in 2 moths, they focus on the destination and not on the journey that is why they were not able to change the outcome of their lives. But if you will focus on the journey, even if the doctor told you that you will not live for 2 months anymore... you will do anything to survive, you will do anything to make your life longer. And that is when your destination will change, you will make yourself stronger, you will find the cure, you will become hopeful. You will simply focus on the process of getting better. you will do anything just to live for more than 2 months. People who believe in themselves were able to manipulate the destiny that was designated for them.

If you're an athlete and your coach is not giving you any playing time, are you just going to accept that it is your destiny to become a bench player? are you just going to accept that you're not good enough? if you really wanted to succeed and get what you want then you should never focus on your present situation. Don't cry if you're being benched the whole game. Focus on the process of getting better, focus  on your own journey, focus on the things that will give you chances of becoming a star player. You can practice all day long and become the best in what you do best, once you become really great... they can't deny you anymore.

It is easy to become successful nowadays because a lot of people were soft, a lot of people were quitters, a lot of people keeps complaining about their situation but they are not doing anything to alter the outcome of their lives. So if you are not a quitter and you are focusing on your journey, it will be easier for you to change your destiny, in other words you will be the director of your fate. You can choose what destiny you want. Destiny will become your bitch, it has no choice but to follow you.

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