July 15, 2017


You don't believe it yet because you are not working for it or maybe you believe it a little bit but you have doubts because you are not working for it. If you will work hard, if you will grind and dedicate your soul for something... you will believe it to the fullest, it will be hard for you not to believe it because you put so much on the line.

It's hard to believe in something especially if you didn't even do something to make it real. It's hard to believe in something that doesn't exist especially if you haven't started your journey yet.

Hardwork will make your belief so strong, it will remove all the doubts and fears, it will remove the idea that you're going to fail. If you really work hard then you have nothing else to worry about. You will get what you deserve and you will get it in the right time.

A lot of people can't believe their dreams because they are not working for it and they are not willing to work for it. Their dream is just a dream, it will never become a reality.

So if you want to believe in something, if you want to believe in your dreams... work for it first, work relentlessly and let's see if your belief didn't become strong, of course it will become strong. You will be able to make your dream a reality.

To make the long story short... work is the only thing that will grant your dreams not the dreaming itself. Your belief will soar into a different level if you are working hard, the harder you work the stronger your belief will become.

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