July 14, 2017


Everything that happens to you will only have meaning if you give it a meaning. What happens to you will affect you based on your reaction. So if something bad happens to you, let's say your boss scolded you or humiliate you... if you did't give it any other meaning or take it personal... it is nothing, it will never have an impact to your life. But if you keep on thinking about it, if you give it another meaning such as you're being abused or not treated fairly then it will become true because you are letting it affect you, it is your emotions that makes something true or not.

Because if you don't feel about something then it means nothing, it is not evident, you don't even know that it does exist. Stop being sensitive and giving meaning to different things. A simple disturbance, a simple altercation, a simple misunderstanding... if you don't give it any meaning then it has no power over you.

If your business is going down, if you are getting sick, if everything is not going well... it doesn't mean that you're so unlucky or you are being punished. Remember that you give the meaning to anything that happens to you. So if you are treating it as a challenge then it is just a challenge, if you are treating it as bad luck then you will become unlucky even more. Stop giving ugly meaning to different things because what you believe will be attracted to you.

So if you're a negative thinker, if you always think about negativity and attached negative meaning to different things even though it is not... you will attract negative circumstances, you will feel bad, you will always have a bad day. If something is negative and you treat it as positive then something good will happen, you will be able to turn things around.

You are the one who's giving meaning to your life, you're the one who's in charge of your feelings, if you always feel bad about something then there is a possibility that bad things will manifest to you because you will make bad decisions, anger and resentment will control your brain.

You should have the ability to give good meaning to whatever happens to you, just treat everything as a challenge. Always look for the growth that you can have in any circumstances whether the situation is bad or good. There is always something you can learn if you will think positively and appreciate everything that is happening to you.

Everything happens for a reason, there is always a good lesson behind every happenings in your life. It is up to you to discover it. Your job is to give good meaning in everything about your life, if you will give bad meanings then you will have a difficult life. Your approach should always be positive so that you will have an easy time in dealing with your problems.

You're always in control, try to remember that. You can choose positive or negative, it is up to you what kind of meaning do you want to give in every situation that you are in.

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