July 08, 2017


See it on your mind, see it everyday and you will see it in reality. You can only see it if you believe it. You can only see your dreams if you really believe it and work for it.

You can't see what you want because you can't see it on your mind, you don't believe in it whole heartedly, there are some doubts at the back of your head. A lot of people say that they will only believe something once they see it, in other words they will only believe their dreams once it happened which is the number one reason why it won't happen.

If you wanted your dreams to happen... you must believe it before you see it, you must really believe that it will come into reality. Because if you don't believe it then you will not take actions, you will not be able to endure the hard challenges that you must face before you get it. Your belief is your number one token to success, it is the starting point of all things, it will be your foundation and stabilizer when things are not happening according to your plan.

Imagine that you already have it, imagine that you're already winning, it is not insane to believe in something that isn't happening yet if you are taking actions to get it. Not only you should believe it, you should also take massive actions to make it happen, that is how winning is done.

Small or big dream.. it can happen once you believe in it, actually there is no big or small dream, there is only big or small belief. The size of your dream doesn't matter, the size of your belief does.

If you find yourself not believing anymore... do everything to bring your belief back. You have the power to believe again, you can control your beliefs, it is always in your hands. It is just a matter of focusing on the small positive things and not focusing on doubts and fears.

So if you want to see your dream physically... strengthen your belief and never look at your worries and fears. It is that very simple, believing is very easy to do, you can train yourself to believe, you can choose to believe.

A lot of big dreams didn't happen because the belief is not sufficient, if the belief is so strong then all of those dreams will come true. The equation is very simple... if you have a big dream, you must also have a big belief in yourself.


Just trust hardwork, just work relentlessly and make yourself somehow closer to your dreams. If you can't trust yourself then surrender to hardwork. Take massive actions, once you get use to working super hard then your belief will come back again, you will have faith in yourself again. Never stop working and grinding until fear and doubts disappear. Always remember that hardwork is the killer of doubts.

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