July 02, 2017


You don't need to motivation to take action, you need willpower. Motivation will make you feel good, it will give you the possibilities that you can win but it will never make you move. Motivation is just playing with your imagination, willpower and taking action is the real solution.

Motivation will just play with your feelings, it will give you hope but nothing more than that. Did you watched a lot of motivational videos and read a lot of motivational quotes but did it changed your life? did you become a lion or a predator? or you remain the same person as yesterday? I bet you only feel good for a moment but you still didn't take actions as expected. Motivation has an effect for about 5-10 minutes only so if you didn't take actions right away... you will never progress in life, you will remain the same bum forever.

Willpower is different, if you already developed your willpower... you don't need motivation anymore, you will push even if you don't like doing it. You have the mindset of finishing something no matter what you feel.

So focus on your willpower instead of motivation because motivation cannot produce action but willpower does.

1. Understand that feeling pain is normal. Pain will not kill you, if it hurts it means you need to push more to produce results.
2. Don't think. Just do it, do it, do it. Thinking will make you worry, thinking will give doubts. Just do it and forget the results that may happen.
3. Long term goals. Pursue goals that takes years to achieve, this will develop your mental strength, your ability to not give up will level up. Just pursue it and never care if you will get it, just give your best. Your willpower will develop and you will be able to use it for different things.
4. Exercise. Exercise will not only develop your body but also your brain, lift weights or do resistance exercises... it will make your willpower stronger, do it everyday and watch the development on your mental toughness.
5. Face any discomfort. If you need to travel even though it's traffic... travel. If you need to say sorry to someone even if it is hurting your pride... do it. It's all about doing what is necessary and cutting the delaying time. If there is something you need to do and you're hesitating... do it, force yourself, don't be a chicken.
6. Think everything as easy. It's all in the mind, if you will be able to develop a mindset that what you view in everything is easy... nothing will be hard for you. You will try it, you will do it, you will finish it.
7. Go hard. Always go hard in everything that you do, stop being soft. You're stronger than what you think of yourself. Go hard and discover how strong your willpower is.
8. Stop complaining and making excuses. Even if you've been untreated unfairly or it is really not your fault... stop making excuses, find a way how to solve things. Whining and making excuses will only make you weak, it will make you not a problem solver but a problem thinker.

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