July 08, 2017


1. Wanting to become someone that you're not deserving. You will become crazy if you want to become big, popular, successful or a star even if you're not deserving. You know that hardwork is the only thing that you will become successful. If you didn't put in the work... don't expect to become big because your life will become full of disappointments. You will always dream of making it, your time was all wasted about dreaming and your life becomes like that forever, you dream and dream, you expect even though you know in your heart that you're not going to get it. Maybe you're just trying to get lucky but you won't either because luck only favors those who work super hard. So if you don't want to become crazy... don't dream about something you are not willing to work for. Dreaming too much becomes bad if you're not doing something to get it.

2. Dwelling too much on failure. Failure is just part of the process. You will not become successful if you don't fail that is why it is hard to become successful, a lot of people doesn't want to fail. If you failed once or twice.. don't dwell on it too much. Move on right away and forget about anything else, focus on moving on, focus on getting back on your path and doing positive actions to become successful. You will only go crazy of you will think bout defeats, disappointments, shortcomings and unfulfilled dreams. You have a lot of time, don't waste the better opportunity that is infront of you. Forget about your failure from the past, keep moving and give yourself a chance to win again.

3. Envy. If you are envy because other people are succeeding... you will go crazy, you will focus on their lives. You will not be able to take care of your own life. You will stop growing because your heart is full of negativity. Stop looking at other people's lives, go and focus on your own life and make it grow as much as you can. Envy will make you weak, you will go crazy because everytime you see someone succeeding... you will have self pity, you will feel that you are unlucky and the world is unfair.

4. Too much laziness. You will go crazy because there are lot of pending task that you must do but you keep on postponing it. It feels like your mind is going to explode because you are so overwhelmed, you don't know where to start, you don't know how to begin. You wanted to evaporate because you feel like you're drowning on a quicksand. Too much laziness will not make you relaxed, it will make you stressed because you want to do something but you feel so heavy. There is a vicious battle going on inside of your head.

5. Regrets. It is what it is, you must forgive yourself, forget the mistakes that you did from the past. Thinking about past and having a lot of regrets will make you miss the beauty of the present. Thinking about the heartaches, failures, misunderstandings, pain etc. will make you out of your mind. Appreciate the present and erase all of your regrets, you will have no regrets anymore if you will not think about the past and just simply focus on what is happening now.

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