July 01, 2017


It's something that cannot be changed nor manipulated. It's something that is bulletproof and has a tunnel vision. You already made up your mind and no circumstances or happening will ever gonna change it.

Sometimes you feel like you're wrong, sometimes you feel like there is something needed to change but your focus is making you feel confident that somehow you will still be right in the end. You feel like you can still become successful despite of the flaws and not well ironed details in your plan.

A deep focus is really deep, your belief is deep, nothing can alter your beliefs, nothing can influence you. You know yourself very well and you know what you can achieve. Everything that you do is for your dreams and life, any small stupid thing cannot even disturb you, petty things cannot bother you. You are so lock in and it seems like you have your own world. Even if you are struggling... you still do what you do best and your confidence never go down.

You feel like you will never fail, you feel like everything is going on your way even if there are lot of obstacles on the way. You feel invincible, all you think about is winning and making it in life. You just laugh at your distractors, you never care about your haters. You're a man on a mission and you're an expert in ignoring things that are not connected to your goal. Your goal is your life, your dream is your soul. Even if you fail everyday, you keep trying and trying, you never get satisfied, you never quit, you keep banging the door until it opens.

You don't ask for someone's approval, you just do what you think is right. You can make the wrong right, you can fill up any missing pieces.

Everyday is a sacrifice but you don't care, you love what you're doing and time is very fast, you are so obsessed in what you do and you don't want to do anything else other than it.

While everyone is quitting... you're still moving. Your eyes is on the price, you never say never.

Your commitment is unparalleled, all of you actions were related to your goal. You can do the impossible, you become undeniable.

Some people will call you insane but you don't mind because you're looking at the bigger picture. You can wait forever, you can work forever, you don't care if it takes forever. You can work for 24 hours a day, it looks like you're a man possessed. You don't hear any sound that is not related to your dreams, you don't see anything that will not help you to move forward.

A deep focus is something that all winners possess. All they think about is what they want to achieve, they never entertain any thoughts that will make them weak or stuck. They knew form the very beginning that they will win, they never doubt themselves, they fully commit to the process.

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