July 01, 2017


Do you still believe in the word tomorrow? do you really believe that you can do better tomorrow and make up for your mistakes or shortcomings today? How many times you said you're going to do it tomorrow but you never did it? How many times you failed yourself because you never do what you can do today? Tomorrow is not real, tomorrow will never happen. It is just an excuse, it is only a way to postpone your misery but the misery will become more painful as you continuously use the word tomorrow.

Go hard now, do it now, pursue it now. Today can be your only chance because the opportunity may not come back tomorrow. You may get even lazier tomorrow, you may not have the energy to do things you need to do tomorrow. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, you have the chance now so devour it.

The time for improvement is now, the time for a change is now. Now is the best time to start so don't take things for granted and do your best to finish all the things that you need to do.

If you want to have a strong momentum.. forget about tomorrow, just do it now. You will feel good once you're moving, you will make things happen if you will face the discomfort of now.

Tomorrow is just a hallucination that lives in your illusion. It never exist, it will not happen. Most people that put off until tomorrow what they can do today failed. They have regrets but they can't take back the time, they can't go back to yesterday anymore. The truth is... you have a lot of time now, you just want to relax and do some other things that is why you are deciding to do it tomorrow.

Never trust tomorrow because it is a traitor. It promises you that you can do it all tomorrow but you don't have the momentum built, you don't have the necessary motivation to finish your work. You feel lazier, you feel that you need to rest more which is not true, laziness just take control over your body and it is poisoning your mind.

Make it happen now, make a move now, you will find that energy once you are moving. You will get that momentum if you force yourself to take actions. Time is running, every second counts. You need to build your momentum now and do everything you can so that you can do some other things tomorrow. What is scheduled now should be done now, no more lame excuses and unreasonable reasons.

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