July 05, 2017


The winner of the last round is the real winner why? because he never quit, because he keep fighting until the end. Just like in life, you can lose a lot of rounds in the beginning but if you keep fighting until the end and try to make your life better then you're a winner too. The winner of the last round, last quarter or last minute is the real winner because he is the one who dominates in the end, he may lose because of score or rules but emotionally... he feels like a real winner.

Success is all about emotions, you can still feel like a loser even if you win if you didn't give your very best or use all of your strength in the end. Being a real winner is all about pushing until the end even if you already lost. That kind of spirit will carry on until the next challenge of your life.

You need to keep fighting even if there are no more chances of winning because if you will quit... that kind of attitude will be your attitude forever, you will always quit when the going gets tough.

It doesn't matter how you start, it's how you finish. You need to always finish strong no matter what. Because even if you didn't succeed... you will still feel like a winner if you give everything you've got until the end. Use all of your energy, use every breathe in your lungs, use all of your skills and knowledge to somehow be closer to success. You may fall short, you may lose but what matters is you fight a good fight.

A lot of people will lose motivation when they feel that they can't do it anymore but who knows? miracles happen if you don't give up. And even if it is evident that you already lost, you can still enjoy the last minute of your run, what matters is you enjoy pursuing the victory until the end.

So even if you are losing in the beginning, even if you made a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions... still give you very best in the end. At least have some pride that you fight and you didn't give up. Giving up sucks, it is for the weak. Just fight until the end so you can carry that momentum for the next challenge.

Tough people are the ones who never give up, just keep moving, keep fighting... who knows? you might make a  comeback that no one is expecting. You can shock the world if you keep your hope alive and do what you do best. It ain't over until it's over, a lot of successful people made a big comeback when every one count them out, when everyone is expecting that they were already defeated. You never know what may happen if you keep the fight alive, it is all in your heart, if you accept that you were already defeated then you are but if you keep fighting until the time is over... there is a big chance that you may still win.

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