July 06, 2017


The funnest part of life is learning a little bit, getting excited and progressing a little bit. In other words, the funnest part of life is growing or expanding. If you are growing you will feel confident, you will feel anxious to move, you will feel so excited about the next possibility that is waiting for you. You basically need for something or some place where you can grow, growing means life it will give you the correct emotions for living. Look at some people who are working in companies, even if thy are earning good money, once they felt that they are not growing anymore... they want to go to another place, they are looking for another work.

You don't need to rush growth, you need to be patient and take it one step at a time, this is not a race. It's always ok to become slow and live on your own pace, you just need to push a little bit everyday and take baby steps.

Because if you can't see yourself growing, if you can't see yourself evolving... that is the time where depression will start to kick in. Just pick one thing where you can grow everyday, pick something where you can have fun everyday, it doesn't need to be complicated, popular or in demand. You just need to pick something that you know you can do forever consistently. Whether it's just about playing a new instrument, cooking, arts or a simple blog...  do it and make it grow everyday. Water it, put fertilizer on it, just do something that will make it evolve.

You have the freedom to choose where you can grow, you know what will give you happiness and success by your own definition. If you're not happy with something then it means growth is not around. Whether it is about money or just a simple act of kindness... the only thing that will make you happy is seeing yourself growing and doing something good in your life.

Laziness will never make you grow, it will only bring sorrow. Refrain from being lazy, yeah you will not sweat or tire physically but mentally you are tired even more because you will get sick and tired of your life, you will be disgusted of your situation. You will feel like you're jailed and you don't know where is the key to freedom.

Always one step forward, never think if you are wrong, never think if your level is too low. Don't ever compare yourself to others, just focus on your own journey and learn to study yourself. Study yourself if you are evolving physically, mentally or spiritually. Just a small positive step will get the job done, you just need to be consistent and serious.

Time is so fast, maybe now you're not there yet but just be patient, learn to love what you're doing and one day... you will be amazed at how far you've come, you will be amazed at how good you are already.

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