July 06, 2017


If you want to rest then just rest. Just sleep if you need to, just close your eyes to relax your body and brain. You don't need to think about it, you don't need to think twice. Brush your teeth, hug your pillow and then start to regenerate your body.

If you are thinking about sleeping or not then you will be stressed even more. Sometimes you are doing this because you are thinking of doing something else before you sleep, you are thinking about whether you will still do a simple task like reading a book, watching a TV show, fixing your bills, calling a friend, exercising a little bit etc. You are making life difficult for you, just do it not. Stop putting a war inside of your head about if you're going to do it or not because you will only feel sick and tired even more. You should decide to rest as fast as you can, there is no time needed to make a decision because it will make your situation even worse. You will feel like a machine without a gas that wants to produce but cannot produce because the operator is undecisive.

What is the point of stopping yourself to rest if you don't want to do the task, part of you wants to do it but more of you wants to rest so just rest. Accept that you fail today, forgive yourself just try to improve tomorrow.

So the solution for this is... while you still have the energy to do things... move, stop being a lazy, stop procrastinating because you will lose a lot of energy by doing it. You can only have a lot of energy by doing a lot of things. Do it and you will have the energy to do it. A lot of people thinks that they don't have the energy anymore to do things, it is simply because they don't want to start, they put in their minds that they're already tired.

Be fast in making decisions to move, be fast in making a decision to rest, this is a best way to lessen the stress in your system. If you're not thinking too much, if you're not hesitating then your life will become easier, it will be as smooth as silk. Everything will go well, you will be in the right and perfect direction. You don't need to think, you need to act, you need to decide as quick as you can if you're going to do it or not. If not then move on and stop thinking about it, if yes then do it right away and never stop until you're done.

Life is fun if you're not focusing on what isn't happening. A lot of people were living a miserable life because they were so focus on what isn't happening. They were so focus on their vehicles not moving on heavy traffic, they were so focus on their job not doing well, their kids not doing well in school, their debts not going down etc etc. They were so focus on being stuck in a mud instead of doing something about their situation.

Sames as resting, they will just rest but they were so focus on what they haven't done yet, that is why they can't decide if they will do it or not which makes the stress even more painful.

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