July 14, 2017


People talk about pills, the blue pills, the red pills. I say use the black pill... it is a pill that doesn't exist, yeah you heard me right... it doesn't exist. It is a pill that was purely on your imagination. It is a pill that is made of hardwork, dedication, commitment and forcing yourself to move despite of being lazy.

A lot of people were dependent from pills, vitamins or any performance enhancing drugs. They don't believe in themselves, they don't believe in their power. They trust the blue pills that they believe will make them smarter, sharper and creative. The truth is.. even if you drink a lot of pills if you are lazy then you will still don't achieve anything. Nothing can make you move other than yourself, no motivation, no pills or magic potion can cure laziness.

Throw away those pills and never believe it, those are garbage, those are trash. You must purely rely on your willpower and your ability to force yourself everytime you don't want to move. Because if those pills are really working then everyone will use it, everyone will become richer, smarter and happier but why isn't everyone trying it? it's because it is not true.

The real power is in your power to start, it is your ability to move despite of feeling bad, despite of destruction and doubts in yourself. The power is your ability to move despite of having fears.

Those who believe on those pills are all weak. If you are dependent from something or someone... it means you don't believe in yourself, it means you can't thrive without having to drink something.

How will you perform? how will you adapt with the situation? You're done if the magic pill is out of stock, you will get crazy, you will be in a panic mode. But if you believe in yourself, if you believe in the process and hardwork then you will be fine, you will be confident that you can still become successful no matter what the odds are.

You must believe in yourself and your abilities rather than believing in something that is not 100% proven to be true. Those pills will just destroy your mind. Anything hat promotes laziness and shortcuts are unreal, it will destroy you in the end.

All you have is yourself and work ethic, if you work super hard, if you stay on the grind then everything is possible. The best thing about hardwork and believing in yourself is you become a better person each day, you keep on improving, you keep on getting successful little by little. You don't need to buy expensive pills that will make you fall in the end, all you need to do is create habits that will put you on a better position to succeed.

Throw away those pills and make yourself, make yourself addicted to progress, make yourself independent from shortcuts and fraud power.

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