July 14, 2017


You can't see success because you're not yet ready, you can't even feel success because you are not ready to receive it, in other words.. you didn't prepare, you didn't work for it.

If you're a fighter and you enter the ring without preparing hard... you're already defeated before the fight even begin. You will never get lucky, don't expect to get lucky because the more you do it... the more you will become unlucky.

Just like in taking an exam, if you didn't study your lessons, if you are not prepared, if you didn't do your assignments or open your books... don't take the exam because you will only sweat like a man suffering an LBM. You will just look stupid there pretending that you're thinking or solving something.

Even a man who is prepared is not sure that he is going to become successful so what is your chance that you will become successful if you're not prepared? Preparation is the key to domination. You can only dominate any situation if you are fully prepared.

You will be stunned if you're not ready, you will panic, you don't know what to do, you will wish to escape that situation that you are in, you will look stupid and ignorant.

So if you want to become successful... ask yourself if you are ready. Ask yourself if you've done enough to become successful, you know it, you know it if you really sacrifice and do the things that you are suppose to do. You can fool people and make excuses but you can't fool yourself, you honestly know if you are working hard or just bumming around, you know it in yourself if you are really giving everything you've got.

If you are not becoming successful yet, it only means you are not ready, you are not ready for the challenge, you are not ready for the big stage. Because if you are ready then nothing will faze you, nothing will worry you, you will become successful without a doubt.

Don't face a challenge if you are not ready because you will only fail for sure.

You feel good if you are ready, you feel confident if you are ready. You may get nervous a little bit but that nervousness will be overcome by your preparation. You know what will happen if you are ready, you will never get scared if something unfamiliar happens.

A lot of people thinks their ready but they are not. You will only feel that you are ready if you work super hard, if you invest in blood, sweat and tears.


1. You never crumble during pressure, you stay calm and do what you know.
2. You are not looking for a helping hand, you know you can do it on your own, it's not being arrogant, it's being confident.
3. You're so excited with the challenge, you're nervous or anxious but you know it will fade once you find your rhythm and momentum.
4. You never think about failing even if the challenge gets hard, you are ready to weather the storm because you are stacked with different things that will help you become victorious.
5. You are not fazed by any unfamiliar situations because you knew that you are prepared and you can adapt with any kind of situation.

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