July 07, 2017


The stronger your patience is... the more you are likely to become successful. Success is a game of patience, it is the one who can wait while working that will become successful. You can't be hot headed if you're pursuing a big thing, you can't let frustration eat you alive if you want to make it to the top. Because at the end of the day... all you can do is become patient, you can do everything in your power but if the results are not yet coming in... you have no choice but to become patient because it's all you can do.

A lot of business closed, a lot of skilled people failed, a lot of hype didn't come into fruition, a lot of high expectations were not met because of lack of patience. Sometimes it is all you need and you will become successful but you choose not to use it.

If you want to stay on the game, if you want to be closer to success then be patient, your time will come. You can't force success, the right time will come if you will not quit and do something else.

The who became successful were very patient, they didn't let the lack of results get the best of them. They keep working and waiting and they never stop. It is not the one who has the most potential that will become successful, it is the one who never quit, it is the one who is committed and consistent.


1. It will make you mentally tough.
2. You will not regret anything.
3. You will learn more from yourself.
4. You will discover a lot of things.
5. You will discover how strong you are and how dedicated you are.
6. You will never miss any opportunity.
7. Your skills will reach another level.
8. You will become successful.

So always be aware if you are getting frustrated, always be aware if you are thinking about quitting because that is the time when you need to become more patient. Patience is the key, patience will give you everything, patience will make you love your work so don't feel bad if you're not getting anything from what you're doing.

You could have been very successful already but you always lose your patience along the way, you want to get it is so fast but your effort is not yet enough. If you're really getting frustrated, look at the mirror and ask yourself if you really give you best, if you really give everything you've got.


1. Always look at the bigger picture, pursue long term goals.
2. Just laugh at it especially if you're not getting any result.
3. Learn to simply love the process, treat process as the price itself.
4. Learn to breathe before you explode and burst in anger, relax if you want to berserk your surrounding.
5. Just stop if you are feeling frustrated, don't think, don't do anything... stop for a moment and then move again.

Being patient is just a matter of extending what you're doing, extend your activity for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, one minute until the love of doing it comes back again. Remember that winners are very patient so if you're not... it means you're losing.

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