July 15, 2017


The more you stay away from temptation the more you are likely to become successful. The world today is full of temptations and those temptations are what makes life difficult for you. Those temptations makes you slow, lazy and not capable of achieving great things in life.

You are already weighing 280 lbs and diabetic yet you still can't resist chocolates, you dig chocolate bars like there is no more tomorrow. You can eat the biggest size of the cadbury bar and the funnier thing is... you don't even want to drink water after eating it.

You easily get tempted by the latest gossip in facebook, you know the cutest cat, latest pregnancy news, latest suicide bomber, the fight at the park, the newly confessed gay macho celebrity and any other news that will not even contribute to your growth. You easily get tempted when you see thumbnails that looks interesting. And that is why you don't have an extra time anymore to build your own business.

You've already been diagnosed with a high blood pressure yet you still eat a lot of fatty foods and meat, you love chicharon and any other cholesterolic foods. You're craving for meat even though it is forbidden to you. That is why you are scared and thinking that anytime you can have a hear attack, that is why you are so frightened when the nurse is getting your blood pressure.

You have an important business meeting tomorrow but you watched TV the whole night because it is the season finale of your favorite show. And when the business meeting is already there... you're in a state of panic because you're not prepared.

There is a sale item at the mall, you bought it even you don't have an extra money. And when you needed to pay the bills... you can't find something on your wallet, the result is... your electricity and water supply being cut, even the internet was also cut... what a life.

All you need to do is stay away from temptation and you will have a better life. Stay away from things that are seducing you but will give you a bad effect in the future. You're already a grown man, you know what is good for your life but the only problem is you're not doing it.

Just a little discipline will make you a little bit healthier, wiser and richer. Always think about the bigger picture, think about the future and not the temporary pleasure. You can go further with enough discipline, you can achieve more if you will avoid temptations that are bad for your health and career.

1. Weigh what is more important to you... is it a short fun or a better life in the future?. Choose smartly, you know better and you need to do it.
2. Remind yourself of the worse things that may happen if you didn't resist temptations. Always look at the negative side of that temptation.

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