July 12, 2017


1. You're not aware that it doesn't have any benefits. You just simply let your mind play, you just simply let yourself enjoy things that doesn't have any future benefits. You're doing some shits that are not good contributor to your success. Your mind is on an auto pilot mode. Sometimes you knew that is doesn't have any benefits but you still do it because you're having a difficulty controlling your mind. In anything that you do, if you want to become successful, if you want to win in life you must make sure that it has some benefits in the future because if not... you're completely wasting your time.

2. Your avoidance from temptation is very weak. You easily gets seduced, a gossip in social media catches your attention, a simple lie in news makes you get affected, a simple invitation from your not so close friends makes you excited and you eventually wanted to go to the event. You are so unfocused, a lot of useless activities and information easily triggers your brain. You easily get tempted. Your life is like... you are not allowed to eat a chocolate but you still eat it the moment you saw something on the table.

3. You simply want to entertain yourself even if you knew from the beginning that you will have a more miserable life afterwards. You want a lot of entertainment, you can't entertain yourself by working for your future. You want an entertainment that is lazy, easy and will not last for long. Entertainment such as watching TV even if you don't like what you're watching, you just simply watch just to avoid working. Gambling, drinking a lot, going out to different places even if you don't have money. You're simply out of control because you want to entertain yourself. The truth is... you can entertain yourself by simply working and progressing everyday, you just don't want to suffer a little bit because all you want is easy life.

4. You don't believe in your dreams. You have dreams but you don't believe in it that is why you don't work for it. Instead of working for it.. you choose to engage with activities that doesn't even help. In other words you are doing the opposite thing. If you really believe in your drams then you will do less bullshits in your life. If you really want to change your life then you should start believing in your dreams and work for it, do everything to get it and you will have a very right direction. If you work for your goals then everything you do is no bullshit.

5. You wanted to look cool. You do stupid things because you wanted to look cool, you wanted attention but in the end you will find out that you only set yourself up for failure. You want to look like your idols, you are copying actions of people that looks cool to you even though their actions were not right and inappropriate for success.

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