July 01, 2017


Some of you are not overusing your skills, you think that your effort is not enough. Or maybe you are not proud of your skills or you think that it will not make you successful.

Any skill that you have... you need to overuse it, use it everyday, take it to another level. You don't know what it might give you. You can become big from it, it can give you money, it can give you success. You have to enjoy using your skills and be consistent in using it..

No matter what level your skill is... you must overuse it so you can become great. Use it to know how good you are or how good you can be. Use it to become the person that you want to be. Genius is created through repetition so you must repeat over and over again until you become super confident with your abilities.

One skill is enough if you can overuse it. Tweak it, make it unstoppable.

Successful people are overusing their skills that is why they become great, they never stop using it, they never let the thought of "already great" enter their head, they keep getting better everyday, they always feel that they still need to learn something. Their leveling up never stop.

If you can enjoy using it over and over again and never get tired of wanting to become better... you will reach a different level and people will be amazed at you, people will get interested with you.

If you can repeat a million times then do it, that is what greatness is all about. It is not something that is done in one night, you need to do it forever.

There are lot of talented people or skilled people that could have been great but they never reach their peak because they never overuse their skills, they thought that what they are is enough and the can never learn something anymore. Learning never ends, leveling up is unlimited

1. They though that they can't improve anymore.
2. They get sad when they see someone younger and better than them.
3. They were simply lazy, they let their passion die.
4. They never believe that they can become successful through their skills.

Don't ever waste the skills you have and letting it become rusty, overuse it and make it reach its highest potential.

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