July 15, 2017


This is one method that will surely make you productive and effective. I know you're watching TV a lot, I know you were so addicted to sports, fights etc. I know you've been wasting a lot of time watching TV and you are not able to work hard and pursue your dreams because of it. So this is the best thing to do... just watch the main event. It will make you watch your favorite show or any sports, the only difference is you will only watch the main part or the last part.

I know you will miss a lot of actions or scenes but the equivalent time of those misses can be used for a more productive activity that will make your life even better.

Just watch the fourth quarter of the NBA game, you will miss the three quarters but you will save a lot of time that can be used to pursue your dreams, to do more productive things that will give you a better life. It will also forced you to move because you don't want to miss the last quarter. You will act fast and do what you're suppose to do while it is only the first three quarters. The good thing about it is you will see the ending, you will still know the score and the best player. You save a lot of time, you also enjoy watching the game.

If you are watching an MMA or boxing... just watch the main event or simply watch your favorite fighter, forget the other fights, just watch one fight. You will save a lot of time, you will be surprised at how many things you were able to do by not watching the other fights.

Same in drama series, just watch the season finale. At least you still know what is the ending, you still know what is the story all about. Because you don't need the other details anymore, you only need the ending of the story. It is ok if you weren't able to watch the other scenes, at least you saved a lot of time and you do a lot of more important things.

Watching the main event or the last part is your prize for sacrificing and doing the right things first. The good thing about it is you are forced to take actions, you are doing the important tasks first while you are waiting for the last part of the show, you will move fast because you don't want to miss the last part of the show.

Watching TV is hurtful, it will affect a lot of things in your life, you will procrastinate a lot and you will waste a lot of time that could have been used to put yourself on a better position. So the best thing to do is just watch the main event, never feel sorry if you miss the other parts because the more you miss the earlier parts... the more you will become productive.

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