July 07, 2017


To become successful one day... you need to upgrade a little bit everyday. You need to at least improve a little bit so that your value, confidence and skills were leveling up. This is also a fun way to live your life, it is a great lifestyle... continuous improving and upgrading, what a way to live life!

It is very simple, it is very easy, you just need the courage to move and change yourself a little bit. You just need to undergo the process and do whatever you can do to upgrade yourself. It's just like a game, it's like upgrading your character everyday, no pressure, it's all fun. It's all about looking for a way to upgrade a little bit and then just do it. There are millions of ways to upgrade yourself, there are millions of process, there is no excuse for not upgrading yourself.

Because if you will not do it then you will be left behind. The world is fast, the time is fast, everyone is growing, everyone is evolving. If you will not do anything with your life, if you will not do something to have an advantage... you will become a loser, do you like that?

If you have a small canteen business and you feel like it is not doing well then it is time to upgrade it a little bit. Cook some new menu, think of some ways to entertain the customers, add some visuals, make the music louder... anything that you think will change your momentum a little bit... do it. Don't hesitate to try something new, do whatever it takes to bring your business back on the game, as simple as that.

You don't need to upgrade the whole thing, you don't need to make a big change, the point here is... try something different to forge a different result.

You need to always upgrade your game or else the competition will eat you alive, you need to keep on leveling up so that success will never ran out. Life and success is a continuous learning and evolving. If you are not doing any different every time you got stuck... you will be stuck forever.

Whether it is about learning a new skill, working a little harder or trying a new technique... do it. Don't be afraid of change, don't be afraid of getting messy. Make your hands a little dirty and try something new.

Because the fun is there... the fun is in trying something new or leveling up. You will get bored if you are repeating the same thing over and over again. If you want to see a better result then you must try something different.

1. If your performance is going down.
2. If you can't get the results that you use to get before
3. If things are getting boring
4. If there is an urge in your hear that you want more excitement.
5. If there is no more challenge in what you do.

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