July 12, 2017


You can get lucky everyday by trying, by working hard and taking risks. You can't get lucky by just waiting for help, rescue or opportunity. You can only get an opportunity if you are looking for it and working for it.

If you're an unemployed son of a bitch just pass an application to any company that you see, try to get lucky to find a job. There is no harm in trying here, have a thick skin, fake a resume if you needed, put some skills that you really don't know. The point here is you need to get a job, if you need to fake it then do it. Just make sure you will learn that skill once you're hired. It is a step by step process, it doesn't matter if you lack skills what matters is your will is overflowing and you really want to get the job.

If you're a virgin for 35 years and no want wants to go out with you... this is your lucky day. Try to ask a stranger for a date, be polite, be presentable. Just ask a random stranger that you like, get her number, try to be confident as much as you can, if you got rejected then ask another one and another one and another one until someone with a good heart finally agrees to go out with you. It's all about the numbers, the more you try, the more you work hard... the luckier you will get. Just try to get lucky, feel lucky and of course work.

You can get lucky everyday, all you need to do is try and exert effort. If you want to improve your life... you need to expect luck by working a lot. If you're a salesman, let's say a car salesman... you just need to try to become lucky by working super hard. A lot of salesman were good excuse makers and complainers, they never push their luck. All you need to do is ask a lot of people, call a lot of people, even the people that you don't expect to buy your product... you must ask them too, luck is not choosing any day, it will be attracted to you if you are attracting it. Luck comes with huge numbers, the more you try... the luckier you will become. Of course you also need confidence and extreme effort. You can't just expect to become lucky if you're not doing anything.

Just enjoy trying, just enjoy asking. Nothing will happen to you if you will not try. Whatever you want in life, ask for it, work for it, try to become lucky today.

A lot of people's excuses why they are failing in life is they don't have any luck but how can you become lucky if your're not doing anything?

Even if you're not confident at all.. just try to ask, try to work for  it, try to get it, you will not die if you try. Just exerting an effort will work, all you need to do is cut all the bullshit thoughts that you're not deserving of something. Just try to become lucky, raise your guts, you will not get what you want if you will not ask.

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