July 11, 2017


It's not the cognitive skills that will make you successful, it's not the talent, it's not the "gifts", it is simply showing up and doing it. You just stretch yourself, force yourself to move despite of feeling lazy and heavy. It is your ability to feel ok despite of being uncomfortable that will make you thrive. A lot of people won't show up when it is raining or when they are feeling bad, they will act like they were entitled to skip a session and that is what makes them left behind.

If you will just show up everyday, if you will never miss a session, a lesson or any practice then for sure you will gain a lot of advantage, you will become better than others, you will have self confidence because you know... you already have the work ethic of just doing it. You will not be scared of anything because you keep on improving everyday.

So if your boss is requiring you to attend a seminar and you feel bad because you just want to rest at home... just show up and do it, it is not easy but it is doable. Just think about the benefits you might get by taking action.

Conquering yourself and being able to force yourself to take actions is the best skill that you must master in order to become successful in life. Because a lot of people were so soft nowadays, they hate to take actions, they hate discomfort. All they want is success be handed to them which will never happen.

So even if you don't have skills, even if you're not the person who is building a lot of hype for yourself... just show up, be consistent and you will go far. You will become successful one day. It is not hard to show up because you will just show up, you will just move your body. Forget all the excuses in your head and do what you're suppose to do.

Don't give too much importance of your emotions, your emotions is tricking you. You thought you feel bad but the truth is you're just being lazy. Sometimes your brain is inventing that you're too tired and you need rest. It is normal because our body is so addicted to comfort, our body is so scared little pain that is why it is easier to become lazy than to force yourself to move and take actions.


Once you take the first step.. everything will be very easy, you will have a momentum of doing things and finishing things. Just do the first step, whether it is about wearing your shoes, writing the first word, doing the first drill, passing your first application, shutting down your computer, washing the first plate, running the first mile... you can do it once you take the first step. The first step is the hardest but it is the one that will give you the freedom, it will kill the lazy energy in your body.

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