July 07, 2017


It's ok to copy someone style, it's ok to imitate some patterns from a different person who already made it, there is nothing wrong with that. Keep imitating until you got sick and tired of it and you want to create your own style and technique.

Because when you're just beginning something... you don't know what to do, you don't know how and where to start so the best way is to copy someone's technique and just tweak it later when you're already good, when you're already confident with your abilities and you know you can do it on your own.

Every successful people have an inspiration, they also get some methods and styles from another successful people. They imitate until they become great. And they were even proud of it, they always give credit to their inspiration, they are never ashamed of following someone's style. Look at Kobe Bryant, he imitated Michael Jordan but not all, he also have some styles on his own, he invented his own style when he's already good. But when he's just beginning... he almost do all of his moves like Michael Jordan. And when he already have the confidence, skills and experience... he created is own style and technique. He even combine his newly found style with the style of Michael Jordan and that what makes him great.

There is nothing wrong with imitating somebody to become successful, if it is the path that you are seeing... do it. Keep imitating, keep repeating and in the end you will be able to create something new for yourself that will also be imitated by other beginners. You will become an inspiration and motivation for others, they will admire your work and style.

Beginning something is really hard, sometimes you don't have any clue where to start so the best thing to do is imitate somebody until you have the confidence to do it on your own and invent something from your heart. You will become original in the end, you will discover what is really yours, you will discover the real you once you have that confidence to stand for your own style.

Even the great ones imitate from the past. They also copied some styles from another people. You just don't know it, every great person has an idol, every great creation has an inspiration. If people call you fake or just second great.. forget about it, what matters is you're making results that they can't even replicate. What matters is you are on your journey of becoming great and you are doing whatever it takes to become successful.

So be bold and copy something, don't be afraid to do it, if it is what will give you momentum then do it, the key here is to keep grinding until the end, keep working until you evolve and get sick and tired of copying something. You will become original in the end, you will find the way back home to your original self.

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