July 06, 2017


I'm done thinking about whether I can do it or not, I will just move, I will just do it. I will just focus on the progress and see how will it go for the next few weeks or months. Thinking is really tiring, it gives me stress, it makes me not progressing. Good thing is I discovered that just simply doing it will make my life even easier. I found out that stress is on the mind and not on the body. If I am moving, I feel lesser stress but If I am not moving and thinking about the tasks that I must do... I become stressed even more.

Worrying about something will double the stress, not only you are not doing something... it also make you go crazy. Has it ever happened to you where you want to start it but you can't? you want to make progress but your worries is stopping you and making you really feel bad. The only way to beat worries is by moving and taking actions. Just do anything that will improve your situation a little bit. No matter how good you are or how perfect you think about yourself... you cannot solve your problems easily, you need to give it a time. You will not become successful as fast as you are expecting. It's simply taking actions and forgetting the results.

I'm so happy with this new approach in life... just doing what is needed, just taking actions to make my life a little bit better. It is really effective, it destroys my worries and fear. I feel like the universe is always on my side, I feel like everytime I finish a task... I become one step closer to my dreams. I feel like everything is clicking and working. Not all that... I also developed as a productive human being. Instead of killing time and worrying if I will do it or not... I just do it. Results doesn't matter anymore because I knew I will have those results one day. What matters is I am really happy for taking actions without thinking.

I brutally finish the tasks that is infront of me. I am not thinking about how will I do it, the right things happen naturally once I am doing it, everything is falling on its proper place. Of course, I am making mistakes sometimes but that doesn't bother me anymore because solutions for those mistakes are easy to find once I am moving again.

Sometimes I will also get stuck, I will also stop, I will also worry again because I am just a human being. But the good thing is... I know if I am worrying, once I feel that I am worrying, I begin to start moving again, I begin to taking actions again that will destroy my worries. I can get back on track easily.

Not thinking doesn't mean you will just do what you want to do, you will just act like a maniac and do whatever you feel like doing, of course not. It simply means there is lesser buffering time on your mind if you will do it or not. It simply means going on the right direction and taking the first step immediately.

You can try it too, whatever you need to do now... do it without thinking too much.

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