July 07, 2017


You can break the rules if you already mastered them. Time will come and you will be the one who's creating your own rules, you will be the one who's making your own moves. When that time comes, it means you're already good, it means you're already becoming great, you're only a few steps away from greatness. Repetition is they key, don't get tired of the process, always find the joy in doing the process that will make you better.

Because one day you will invent your own style, you will become very confident with your abilities and you will feel invincible. Nobody can question your abilities anymore because you are sure of it, you are taking control because you know you are doing the right thing and it will give success not only to you but also to everyone. You are very sure of your steps, sometimes you are making mistakes but no one can notice it because your confidence is taking over.

A lot of people were already following you, they are also using your style, they even want to get some pointers from you and of course you are generous to give them because you are confident with your abilities, you also wanted other to become successful like you. Great people are never selfish, they also want others to become successful too.

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