July 05, 2017


A lot of successful people say that you need to do what you love to do, you should pick a work that you love so that it will look like it's not a work and you will never get bored at it. But sometimes you have no choice but to pick a boring work because you really need some money at that moment. And if you have a boring and long work... sometimes you want to escape the task, you want to do some other things that is more fun and will give you pleasure. But you have no choice but to do it or else you will have an uglier position in the end. If you find yourself wanting to escape the task here are the things you need to do:

1. Look for the easier part of that task. There will always be an easier part of the task, there is always a choice between the harder one and the easier one. For example, if you're a salesman and you hate your job, to be able to finish that day without stressing yourself too much... you need to find the easiest part of selling and then once you did it, go back to the hardest part. If the easiest part of your job is calling some potential clients then do it. The point here is you need to make yourself busy while doing your job, you need to do things that will keep you inline with your job. You need to make yourself stay with your task and avoid doing things that are outside of your job. So look for the easier part, at least there are small things that you accomplished that will make your job shorter.

2. Think about other things while doing your job. It's like being mentally absent but physically present. Sometimes when I hate to run, I just run but when I got bored... I think about some other things while running, I think about happy thoughts and then the time is running fast, I was not bored at running. It feels like I am hacking running, I don't feel the pain and the boredom because my mind is entertained on other things.

3. Take it slow. If you need to move slowly do it but don't ever stop, don't ever do some other things that are outside of your task. You can enjoy things even the boring ones if you will fall in love with the slow pace. It's ok to slow down, life is not a race. Enjoy being slow for the moment and when you got bored again... speed up, use your turbo mode. It's like playing, you fast then you slow down, repeat it over and over again until you're done.

4. Think about the good things that may happen once you finish your task. Think about being able to buy something if you afford not to lose your job. Think about your mama being proud of you because you are working. Small things that may happen once you do your work... think about it, it will make you motivated, it will make you finish your job even if you feel stressed.

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