July 01, 2017


Sometimes you will begin to wonder if hardwork really pays of because you keep on working hard but still... you can't make yourself successful. But maybe your hardwork is not enough, maybe you need to double your hardwork, maybe you need to push yourself a little more so you can see success right in front of your face. Hardwork is really hard, it will make you bleed, it will make you wanted to give up, but what can you do? you can't deny it because it's the closest thing to success. If you will not work hard then for sure you will fail. If you will not trust it then what process are you going to trust? what else will work? Hardwork may look unreal int the beginning, it may look so impossible but it is the only thing closest to success.

Napoleon Hill says that the victory belongs to the most persevering. If you're persevering for so long, sometimes you will think if it is real, sometimes you would wanted to give up but what can you do? it is the closest thing to success so you must persevere until the end.

If you will not persevere and work hard what do you think is the closest thing to success? luck? help from other people? No, those things will not work. You will only get lucky if you work hard and that is a fact, you will only get help if you are deserving. Help will not come if you ask for it, it will come if you are not looking for it but you really needed it.

You will doubt if being disciplined will make you successful. Sometimes your discipline is over acting, you are disciplining yourself too much to the point where you almost got insane yet results were not showing yet. But you have no choice but to become disciplined because it is the closest thing to success. Did you ever see someone making it in life who is not disciplined? Being disciplined is hard but it is the closest thing to success.

Sometimes you will doubt something if it is real but all you have to do is think if it is the closest to success and that's it. Are you going to choose bumming around over working hard? are you going to choose procrastination over action? are you going to choose hesitation over starting?

What makes you feel that it's not real is you haven't see the results yet. You have to be patient if you want to win in life, patience is the key, lack of patience will lead you to failure and that is for sure. Relax, be patient and keep working hard. Your time will come. If it's real it will never stop.

Everybody knows how to become successful yet they can't make it because they don't truly believe in the process. They were doubting themselves and the process they are undergoing once the going gets hard. They will quit and will look for another way and the cycle goes on and on. They keep on quitting, they keep on starting.

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